Hilarious ways to lose UNCONQUERED - share your trauma

Even R. E. Howard could not describe it better :grinning:

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Doing forgotten City on an assassin. Get to the second boss an kill with a fatality. The fatality cutscene was the one where you do a forward roll… right off the cliff.

That was attempt 29. I will start attempt 30 “soon”.


Funny. I did almost the same thing yesterday at that second boss with my assassin, except all I did was follow through on a SDS and off the cliff I went. I was level 55 and that was attempt 15. Just started a DT to try once again. Getting expensive as I am a sucker for the starter pack, especially the red bandana

SIGH played my HoX to lvl 54 and just started questing on the Coast of Ardashir.
Killed 4 Zombies and 4 Ghouls, picked a fight with a couple more …
Suddenly I was engulfed bij a horde of the buggers and at the receiving end of Overwhelming hits and no opening for an escape.
Seems I missed some patrolling Neophyte’s with their entourage. :smirk: :nauseated_face:
Okay, REROLL :cold_sweat: :anguished: :scream:

BAAAAAHHHHH … got to level 60 this time …
Entered the destiny-quest cave in Thunder River …
Killed by the bloody dogs bosses Theron and Labros :roll_eyes: :cry:

But … this attempt was better as the last :crazy_face:

Doing optional bosses that only drop dog :poop: is a great attitude to master hc :sunglasses: you guys fail since you dont have the proper mindset of beeing prepared each time. In each move consider what could happen, think 2 steps further, is it worth taking the risk etc.?

Only excuse i have is … haven’t been in that cave for about 18 months (since Saga of Zath I suppose) and didn’t bother to check YouTube. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
And 1 more mistake I made (and noticed to late): I only needed 1 more mob kill to become lvl 61 in a lvl 60 cave :exploding_head: and every little bit helps, doesn’t it? :woozy_face:

Getting there I was very careful, doing as much green (or even grey) quest as i could and leaving out tricky stuff like Lord Atum-Keket (all of Pyramid actually) and group activities that make me dependent of others. :face_with_monocle:

The one thing I absolutly refuse to do … is getting powerleveled :innocent:

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Really? How could you die there? They don’t really hit very hard… :thinking:

To stay on topic, I failed an Unconquered attempt at lvl 77, killed like a noob by the Crow boss on top of the roofs, in Tarantia Commons… :dizzy_face:

I forgot that bloody horn starts doing damage to … didn’t get out of LoS and the fire jets :man_facepalming:

And I assume you didn’t click the horn, to put the dogs to sleep… :sweat_smile:

Oh god how much anger that unconq mode can provide:D
1st death was in EM, doing the quest to save Raeliahs kid? or whatever her name is. Was quite overlevled for the area so wasnt really scared, untill i got to the top to fight the boss there and remove the barrier. The boss inside of the barrier tho decided that he rather stand outside of it and on the stairs just 1shotting me as i got near him :slight_smile:
2nd time at lvl 75, in Commons District the zone just decided to crash on me >.>

:exploding_head: level 65 at ymir’s pass , looking for some skeleton … “You fell to your death” :crazy_face: :sob: :nauseated_face:

I stayed out of ymirs in unconquered. In the end, didn’t matter. :dizzy_face:

[Global] [Censored]: Censored lured 4 unconquered off the tent and took them around the corner and his necro dropped dead in kesh after charging them gold from his own damn guild

when will we see the stories of these 4 cheesers? :rofl:


Lol Moriala :+1:
My first try: demo lvl 64. In Thunder river I was doing some quest with necklace. Clearing my way, picking up quest item and then red bar! I’m fine, cos everything is dead right? But after lag my demo was dead and some crazy epic boss (Lunn or something like that) slowly walks away :flushed: :tired_face:

Second try: win. But… never again! This unconquered toon missed all the fun like dungeons etc…

Hubby and I been trying to do Unconqored as well… welll our 1st deaths were just about a week ago on level 68 pom and conq… We were in thunder river playing very conservatively due to we are getting close, woo hoo. We have been able to survive red bars and rubberbanding, much more severe than we have ever experienced on normal time of playing since we started game in 2012… We both have all characters, all but a couple each to level 80. We red barred and rubber banded and then BAM LUNN the warmonger on us killing us! Hubby climbed up vines to try and escape, I ran and both of us died with him shooting us through the rocks! He deleted that conq and I kept pom to finish up to 80,

We starteed over again, this time he is on guard and I am on TOS. again we are going along real slow, we are a week in, and yesterday, last ngiht at 9 pm cst on 7/16/2019 we BOTH RED BARR completely out still running away from 33 rage wrights in gateway to khitai… we are both new 32… He lives and I DIE. wth funcom!! We have bought the gear bundles too on each of these toons, on both pom and conq and on guard and tos at each avaialble point totry and help us level because we dont get a lot of time to play… I’m still waiting on response to my petition and email from CS about why it happened. It’s not our inet and it isn’t our rigs. We both have brand new gaming rigs and razer mice and he has a razer gaming pad nd I have a razer deathstalker keyboard. So… WTH funcom!! Yeah we laughed off the LUNN thing and said nope… not going back there and here on 2nd try we can’t even get to 40 due to so many red barrs! We don’t hardly ever RED barr or rubberband on our regualr characters… So got to be something on the unconquored side of things in my opinion.

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Reached lvl 80 with unconq status, 10 mins later i jumped into rf and lost it!

Oh well, nothing lasts “forever” it seems :smiley:

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So if you get to 80 as unconq… if you die, you lose it?? Wth is the point then?

To get the achievements and the vanity gear. :wink:

What have you got to lose?

After lv. 80 is rewarded, and it is account-wide, you go play. Even below lv. 80 the rewards remain.

Before, if you died after lv. 80, the name was no longer listed on the Unconquered Leaderboard, but that was ‘borrowed’ for the Anniversary Challenge. Even that can’t be considered a loss anymore.