Hilarious ways to lose UNCONQUERED - share your trauma

Even R. E. Howard could not describe it better :grinning:

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Doing forgotten City on an assassin. Get to the second boss an kill with a fatality. The fatality cutscene was the one where you do a forward roll… right off the cliff.

That was attempt 29. I will start attempt 30 “soon”.


Funny. I did almost the same thing yesterday at that second boss with my assassin, except all I did was follow through on a SDS and off the cliff I went. I was level 55 and that was attempt 15. Just started a DT to try once again. Getting expensive as I am a sucker for the starter pack, especially the red bandana

SIGH played my HoX to lvl 54 and just started questing on the Coast of Ardashir.
Killed 4 Zombies and 4 Ghouls, picked a fight with a couple more …
Suddenly I was engulfed bij a horde of the buggers and at the receiving end of Overwhelming hits and no opening for an escape.
Seems I missed some patrolling Neophyte’s with their entourage. :smirk: :nauseated_face:
Okay, REROLL :cold_sweat: :anguished: :scream: