Unconquered character progression stooped by server crash

L76 character PoM with Crafted gear , AA in crit and protection ,with health 6000 + fighting mob L74 after killing 4 mobs with snakes with full health .Hand of Mithra , Knock-back and heal available , the mob neaded 1 extra blow to be killed .The message to switch server pop up and freeze fight . I said yes and screen freezes again and do not come back …I am forced to close the window and when I log in all my xp pots ,food and other 4h + buffs canceled , and I am laying dead . I am still after 8 days in same spot dead waiting for GM to revive me and solve this bug , by reading combat log , and clear death penalty . I tried petition but nobody answered in last 8 days .

I’m sorry for you, but it’s not going to happen. If you want the Unconquered achievement, you need to restart from lvl 1 on a different char.

You got killed, so you are no longer Unconquered.
Doesn’t matter if it was a bug that got you killed or not.
Tough luck.

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I’ve lost several unconquered to crashes. Unfortunately a death is a death, unless it’s PvP or the cut scene on Destiny in Field of Chiefs. It happens and it sucks, but I doubt you’ll get any relief from Funcom, many people has lost because of crashes

I lost first time 6 hours 100% xp bomus and AA progresion ,and crafted food 3+ hours while server was changing and I excepted to go to next one ,I was on rez pad at that moment around L55 so no harm was done . this is second time I lost all xp and AA about 4 hours . So this is not simple crash of server , because all my crafted food and xp and AA will be still there . Can somebody explain that ?

Unconquered achievements is about skills and if you die due to server bug or what ever you call this server crash , change of server , where you do not have any control and you have blank screen , which is not your flout (here I do not speak about leg) you should get your achievement back , you can not be responsible for not having chance to fight back , and where your hard work is ignored by people who perhaps have no knowledge how to fix that . You should complain about this . I play this game from early beta and I remember all ups and downs . But at least in those days you get some answers from GM . Simple , we do not know haw to fix that will be appreciated . and you will understand that , but to blame you for their mistake is not acceptable…

They have no log to prove whether or not you crashed. Your only choice is to reroll.

Yes, dropping Waves of Skill on PinPin mobs

Sorry for your loss.

… Experience.

When receiving a message box asking your preference to change servers and avoid a crash, the procedure would be to not answer until ending combat and moving to a safe area to relog (alt + F4).

Generally, answering “Yes” freezes when there are no other instances available, and “No” returns to the character selection screen. When that unfortunate event happens during battle it’s not surprising to find a dead character next login.

Level 76 is a fantastic run :dizzy:

lol you think that I fast level character…I did all quests and I had 2000 + achievements . yes I could level him by Pin Pin but this will loose the fun and I will get all achievements without death

I couldn’t finish the fight the screen was already frozen when I get asked to switch server .

I port back at L30 to be sure to not die (I was really careful ) I skip Arena in Tarantia , L50 and L60 quests went fine too , Good gear and food (easy mode on PoM )

I can understand your frustration, but Funcom made perfectly clear that they won’t give Unconquered back for any reason.
If you want some kind of “insurance” against disconnects, play a necro with pets on “defense”. They won’t save you in all circumstances, but at least they can finish an enemy for you.


Wow, that really sucks. I can’t see them giving it back to you. The game and resources they dedicate to it are minimal. I think you will have to start over. Just rez, dump your gear,mats,money to a diff toon. Make a new one, and just power level it in PLS. you can do it yourself pretty easy and safer too. park it up on one of the pyramids on a corner where the mobs cant get to it and go to town. all the while picking up ironsilk, beguiler blood and ebony venom to boot. all which you can sell…

It was fun leveling character after 6 years not playing game (I leveled 100 s of characters for my guild mates on Fury and Rage as a Officer ) I know every corner of this game , glitches , bugs this is not frustration I feel sorry for you guys ,I will delete this character because I heave to may and most full AA but to see that such beautiful game going away it is heartbreaking . I will go to play Elder Scrolls Online where I spent this last 6 years , those people care about the game and I appreciate that . Thx for your feedback , and have fun .

You could have already leveled a couple of characters to 80 with all the time you have been griping here. Took me 4 times before I leveled to 80 unconquered. A few dumb mistakes and a disconnect, but here I am.

Just get back to leveling. Take it easy. Giggity.

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@op listen dude. You lost unconquered status so what. All you get is some worthless vanity for your trouble. Walk it off and keep going. There is more to the game than this.

I’m so glad I didn’t bother with trying an unconquered run. I hear nothing but horror stories of people losing it for reasons out of their control, and AFK powerleveling to get 80 means nothing to me.

I deleted my unconquered character L77 , I did clear that area killing 5-7 mobs+ snakes in one go just to see…if I can do it…easy …I deposit 16 gold in guild bank deleted that character and in 3 hours I level another one to L26 . But you guys still missing my point , I was trying to get help for things I am not responsible for , like in old days …And yes I understand now …no help from GM …enjoy game as it is…and do not complain .