Killed While Talking to NPC, could not do anything and lost Unconquered

Hi, I hope you guys are doing well. Last week my main character got killed in Khopshef when I was talking to a NPC (Mencar). A few seconds after a started to talk to that npc a mob was hitting me. I have try every dialog options that was available to advance the discussion and even the 3. Goodbye option wasn’t working.

I killed the Game client in hope I could get back in game but I appeared dead at the feet of the NPC. So I lost the Unconquered mode I was trying to perserve by taking extra prevention / awareness means. It’s a lot frustrating because I restarted that character like 3-4 times just to preserve that mode and because that’s what I like in game and this is my 1st “high” level character basically. I also bought points and purchased lvl 50 gear. Now it looks like only a waste of money to me.

Is there any way a GM could intervene to rez my character and get that mode back ? I took a picture at my character at the NPC feets. I made a petition in game, but nobody answered yet so I thought this forum might be a better place to ask.

Its not the 1st time that happened but the last time I was able to finish the dialog with the NPC and then killed the mob. So is it a well known bug ?

Thank you

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There is no way to restore unconquered.

As @Halfdead said, GMs won’t help you with this.

If it happens again, pressing Esc will close the dialog immediately.

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