Unconq mode is unfair

i tried this hardmode, i can handle with monster but not with bugs. I have been blocked during dialog phase and an add repoped and killed me while i couldnt quit this dialog, Of course i could retry cause i died at level 12, but i cant trust this game anymore, what is that mess?

I don’t like the new mode either, but to be fair: If you don’t like it, don’t do it. No one is forcing you to do it. It’s not like it gives any power items either (yet).


This new Unconquered mode is so annoying, I’m surprised they didn’t add Funcom point price to delete character . I’m not going to lvlup another character before I can be sure no sudden lags and server disconnects are fixed. I’ll just enjoy global rant for now and do usual stuff :slight_smile:

Well said. The only fun for me is running lowbies with some guildmates. I care not for the rewards, but for me it’s a nice little diversion for now :grinning: