Unconquered Update Patch Notes


Unconquered Mode Now Available

For the fearless adventurer, the new Unconquered Mode challenges you with a simple task:

Don’t Die.

Create a new character, mark them as Unconquered, level up, and earn new rewards! The only catch: If your Unconquered character dies, the run’s over. You won’t be able to continue earning rewards with that character.

How long will you survive?


The new Badge system allows you to show off your achievements to everyone in your vicinity. As you continue to level your Unconquered character up, you’ll unlock new badges. Currently, Badges are exclusively tied to progression in Unconquered mode.


New Race and Class Combinations

Two new Race + Class combinations are now available for new characters!

While not normally known for lurking in darkness, some rogue Cimmerians have heard whispers of Keiara’s exploits and seek to follow in her shadowy footsteps as Assassins .

Long known for their love of foul sorcery, Stygians soldiers now marry their thirst for magic with cold, hard steel to take up arms as Dark Templars .

Both new combinations are available for all players for free!

Vanity Weapon System

Rejoice! Everyone may now equip weapons in the Vanity tab! Any weapon you currently possess is eligible to be placed in the Vanity Weapon section, although the vanity weapon itself has to match the type of your power weapon.


  • Button for deleting character has been moved to the bottom of character select screen.


  • Silent Legion cloak has proper transparency.

March 28, 2019


  • Vanity weapons will properly display for players and observers.
  • Equipping a bag with vanity window open will go to the correct bag slot.


  • Unconquered achievements and claims should now correctly be awarded account-wide.

April 16, 2019


  • Scholars in Old Tarantia have been reprimanded and are keeping their clothes on.
  • Hair is properly hidden beneath helms.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent vanity weapon mismatch error message from appearing.