Are unconquered rewards account wide?

I just died with my level 18 Herald of Xotli and I’m considering if I should delete him or try again with a better solo class, but since I want to have the rewards on my Herald I gotta ask: Can I unlock the unconquered rewards and use them on every character or is it stuck to the one character I achieve level 20 in?

If they can be transferred I could make an alt exclusively for the rewards and use them on my main character instead of having to delete my HoX and level him up to 20 ALL OVER AGAIN.

its accountwide, but dont give up on the hoxie :smiley:

It’s been awhile, but the cosmetic clothes unlock account wide and I think the final cosmetic weapons go to that character and can then be transferred to others on your account.

So if you’ve got the extra character slot, keep your HoX and just make until and try again.

Thanks for the advice guys!
Extra question: What’s a good class for getting unconquered rewards playing solo?

I think the best one is necro. I did it with pom too, and it also was pretty smooth. :wink:
Conq is also really strong, I failed on that one at lvl 77, but just because I f*cked up badly… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The cosmetic weapons are character bound.

Hmm u sure? I have the weapons on my guard (the char i did it with) and yday i claimed the weapons on my necro too, it was a cache

Yes I was sure, then I wasn’t and checked: You are right, you get 4 “Armor of the X” and 1 “Armory of the Unconquered”- caches, the second beeing the weapons, accountwide to claim.
The badges are only on the unconq toon.
Guard. Your are insane. Or masochistic.

Hahah, it was an annyoing journey fo sho