Unconquered Playstyle and Rewards

I have tried a few toons to get unconquered status, but lost them eventually either due to lag during fight or sudden burst of spell resist (happened once with my Demo) or just my wrong judgement of the situation. However, I find it a bit disturbing to play unconquered (for example it might be better to complete destiny quest in Tortage and then go for quests in Underhall, Acheron ruins; but I find it lorebreaking to do those quest after Strom is killed). However I am also very much fascinated with Unconquered status. The problem is it is getting boring doing same quests again and again due to rerolling. What actually would I lose or miss if I do not reroll and continue my toon to endgame.

I am a person who loves exploring places, learning lore, and not much into endgame and dislike powerleveling.

The rewards for unconquered are the vanity armors and weapons, which can be claimed on every character on your account, plus the badges, which can be used only on the unconqered character.
You get a different armor at lvl 20, 40, 60 and 80. The weapons can be claimed if you reach lvl 80.

Anyway, I agree that is more fun to level up normally, than on an unconquered. I did it on 2 accounts, and I don’t think I’m going to do it anymore.

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The Vanity armor at lvl 20 & 40 and at 60 & 80 look the same, just with different names. If you do some looking around here or on the 'net you can see what they look like, which will help you decided if you’re missing anything. 20 & 40 are short outfits and I think the 60 & 80 are longer.

The outfits are all white and ‘all in one’ sets, so not only the chest & bottom, but gloves & boots that all go on your character at once, no separate pieces.

Didn’t make it myself, but everyone has said that the lvl 80 vanity weapons (you get 7? 8?) are all very nice looking.

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They are indeed similar, but there are some small differences, I took some screenshots.


Thanks for the pictures :smile:

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