Are there images for the unconquered rewards?

My level 34 barbarian just lagged and fell off a cliff, seriously considering rerolling but… Don’t want to.

Is there anywhere that shows all the unconquered reward armours so I at least know if it’s worth all this strife?

you should be more careful

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Yes, you just need to google age of conan unconquered cosmetic armors. Here’s one from the official announcement. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see one of the outfits.

If I remember right the first 2 are basically the same and the last 2 are also basically the same.

All in all I’d say getting the badges and the cosmetic weapons at the end are worth more than the cosmetic armors.

I fell off a cliff in Atzels at lvl 77…

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If I fell to that lvl, I wouldn’t be playing anymore. It would piss me off too much.

Here’s the trick to getting Unconquered without much fuss: Roll a fresh toon, get off Tortage and then get someone such as a guild mate or friend who is level 80, to “level you up quickly” :wink:

Trick is do all quests in all zones and aim for completionist (old world ofc…) while getting to 80.

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sounds boring and lame as hell… what’s the point then?

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The “point” is to not end up ripping your hair out when you die at lvl 77

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