I'm Unconquered!

Solo-leveled on unconquered necro to level 80 and got all the Unconquered achievements. Gotta say, it was a blast. There were a few tense moments near the end when I got swarmed, but I always made sure I had an exit strategy and managed to survive to the end. The achievement weps were quite nice, but wasn’t too keen on the armor (I hate white amor for a necro). But hey, it was so much fun, I’m gonna do it all over again on my second account… this time with a conq. Actually, going with Bear.



Questions: Someone linked in game the lvl 20 & 40 vanity sets and they looked like the same sets. Are they? Or is all 4 sets you get different.

And what kind of weapon did you get? Useful(real) or vanity?

20 and 40 are pretty similar… same for 60 and 80. The last two are robes, and main difference is there is a mask with the level 80 one. Weapons are vanity… for my necro, box dropped staff, dagger, tali, and crossbow. They look cool… I need a dagger/tali in primary slots to see what the vanity ones look like when equipped.

Gratz!!! :slight_smile:
so you have now unconquered title also? is that bounded to all account like resourceful one?

It’s supposed to be account-wide, so once you get it with an unconquered toon, all your other toons can get it too. But, that’s not working atm… hopefully, will be in next patch.

Can anyone post pics of the new things? thanks

another question: after 80 can you die happy or you lose title?

I assume you will lose the status if you die, even after 80. I’m thinking of parking him for the time being as I already have two other necros with AAs and gear. I just wanted to get him to 80 for the achievements and vanity, especially since these will be account-wide, for all my other toons.

I’m so scared I will DC while fighting a mob and die.

Good luck! I died 3 times because of D/C on my attempts. I survived a few on a conq but finally bought it in a villa around level 73. That was enough for me.

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I probably would have dropped to my knees and cried

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Leveled a Guardian solo. Went down to 2% one time in Gateway to Khitai. That was super tense. Never went into a villa or a dungeon. Open world leveling only :wink: