Unconquered question

This new level up with out dying intrigues me and my guild and we are thinking of returning to the game. But I have fears, Funcom has always seemed to think virtual content is somehow real and never making things worth your time.
What exactly do you get I.E. vanity items, titles, mounts etc. and how often once every five levels, ten levels etc.

I guess what I am trying to say is, are the items omg outstanding or just common crap that is already in game?

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You get vanity armors and weapons.
The armor sets are complete sets, it’s one item that you equip but shows a complete outfit. They don’t look really great in my opinion, they are recolors of existing armor sets and the color scheme is really… not great in my opinion. The texture got very few details, it looks like a plastic armor.
You get armor sets on level 20, 40, 60 and 80, they all look different, I don’t have screenshots of all of them, only from the level 80 armor.

On level 80 you also get a box that, when opened, drops all the vanity weapons for your class. A ToS for example will get a Staff, dagger, blunt, sword, polearm and shield. An assassin will only get daggers. The weapons got a rather weird coloscheme as well, they are black and dark red, kinda looks like they are made out of some “lava infused obsidian stone” attached to some metal parts.
The only thing I kinda like is the 2 handed axe you get for Barb, HoX or Conq, it looks very similar to the axe the T3 boss Hollow Knight is using.

Additionally to getting the items on the unconquered character they will also get added to your claims which means you can claim these armor sets and the weapon box on every character on your account once (not sure about characters created afterwards but all your old characters will have the items in you claims).
EDIT: I actually can’t post any real screenshots because I don’t have my unconquered character unlocked and for some reason I can’t take screenshots in the character screen.
At the bottom of this page (https://www.ageofconan.com/news/unconquered_mode) there is a screenshot of the level 40 armor, the level 60 and 80 armor are robes (basically have a completely different look but with the same color scheme).

Thank you for the reply, sounds like I might give it a go. What is the best way to level to 80 safetly, just do quests?

Yes I guess so, obviously with some classes you still have a higher risk of dying than with others, a Assassin for example might be more of a challange to level up than a Conqueror (which I did, having 2 bubbles and being a tank makes it obviously easier to survive mistakes).
There is another way to completely level up safely, letting someone powerlevel you but that is obviously extremely boring, all you will do is standing around. A certain guild was doing it non stop and I think they still do it but yeah, if you like standing around while getting leveled up that is obviously the safest way to do it.

Watch out for disconnects, if you afk make sure you are in a safe place without mobs. Good luck and enjoy the madness :beer:

Can someone post screenshots of some armors / weapons please?

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Wow, they actually look badass. :crazy_face:

Thank you!