Unconquered achievements... account wide?

The unconquered achievements descriptions state: “Reach level x with an unconquered character. Account wide.” What does “account wide” mean? I thought it would be like purist achievements, so every toon on your account is credited with the achievement. However, when I check with other toons on my account, they do not get the unconquered achievements I have (now at 40). Does it only apply to other unconquered toons on your account? Or only the character that has obtained it?

Did you try to talk to a chronicler to update achievements with your other character ?

Updated all my achievements at a chronicler… did not get the UnC achievement though (

I have the same problem!

Wassup! I checked with the devs to see what’s going on with that.
The intent is for it to indeed be distributed on other characters in the account so this is a known issue that’ll be fixed up soon. Sorry about that!