Locked achievements

Started the Unconquered achievement today and made it to the third level. The description says : “Reach level x with an Unconquered character. Account wide.” So… I thought I would put achievement badges on some on my older 80 toons… but the achievement was locked for them, and they were not credited with the achievement. Then I noticed that many other achievement categories were locked too, such as all the ones in Cimmeria, Barachan Islands, Player vs. Player… and further, there were different locks on different toons (some were locked from Alquilonia, others were not). This was the case whether I used my custom UI, or reverted to the default one. Are others experiencing the same problem?

No I am not - first things that come to my mind are: did you try to update the achievements at the chronicler?
And does the server have an impact on achievements? Like, furians on the same account dont get Croms ones?

OK… so guildie told me if you don’t have any achievements in a category, they have a lock before them. So that explains why I have locks in different categories on different toons. Still wondering, though, if the Unconquered achievement is indeed account-wide… or only applies to the UnC toon.

i read “account wide” on the achievement description … so after you earn it, talking to the chronicler with other characters should award it to the other characters (at least on the same server).

After talking to the Chronicler on multiple classes, I still don’t get any badges that I earned on the unconquered character. Relogging doesn’t help either.