Fastest way to level?

im at 74, but i just got back to game and im a noob again…

Powerlevelling is fastest.

But, if you don’t have anyone to pl you, either Vanaheim mob grinding or questing to 76 then going to Grasslands to start end game is probably your best bet.

What’s Vanaheim?


Also you can do Villas in OT nobles, forgotten city and the breach in gateway. They scale and repeatable after a cd

It’s the vanaheim “expansion” questline you get to from conarch (wouldn’t say it’s worth the purchase, though, but abusing the mob resets in the last area is the fastest solo levelling you’ll find)

Ah, thanks Evito!

at that level, as @evito told, there is vanaheim.
If you dont want buy it, in solo there are common district and Attilus manson, Slaghterhouse Cellar, Breach and Forgot and City and Dead Man Island from Turan
In group you could do (get all quests for max reward) Aztel Fortress (there are a lot of quests that pay really well and mobs are all 80 with any good blue drop nice as vanity too) and HoEF, game will consider it purist until 79!