Best way to leveling 50-60?

i’m looking for some tips, i’m lv52 and leveling up is pretty hard now :smiley:

Lay a bedroll by Mounds of the dead and slaughter the Cimmerians there again and again. You will also get good loot drops.


Exploring the jungle zone while you get XP for it. Also the black lotus journey step is there.
Explore the highlands while you get XP for it.

Midnight grove grants you 1 to 2 levels for each attempt.

A few Asegarth clears. Also gets you 200 steel each run.

Keep your Wheel of Pain loaded.


2.0: Prep with a few Set potions and grab red lotus on the way. Find a big rock on the shore of the Mounds, digest it, plant a grinder where it used to be. Dump your bedroll next to it. Snort the red dust on the way back to your corpse. Also convenient storage!


With my two lvl 60s, I went to the North and just kept killing in New Asagarth and the surrounding camps.
And the other bonus:

Kill world bosses. Good experience and you collect skeleton keys with which to open chests as soon as you reach level 60. One can never have enough legendary weapons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hasn’t exploration XP been nerfed into near irrelevance? It was certainly my experience that the time spent didn’t come close to being efficient (unless you enjoyed it for its own sake).

Crafting XP used to be a thing, but it’s afaik pretty broken at the moment. Personally I leveled from 50 to 60 almost exclusively off of crafting Vaults (that I had no need for after the first three), so granted it was perhaps excessive for some items…


Wait till next patch… When we were building our base, I became 60 at a glance crafting T3 Aquilonian pieces. Hardened brick will be OK too.

Kill everything on sight :slight_smile:


I just go about my business and do what needs to be done, killing everything along the way. Sorry, that’s the best tip I have.

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every rush on asgard is one level.

Basically what he said. Any weapon beyond iron weapons will let you move down npcs in the north in droves. At least with the current state of the AI. This might change with the next major patch, maybe…You can do this either in Mounds of the Dead or in New Asagarth. Each run gives a level and tons of steel. It doesn’t even matter if building does not yield xp. Just kill everything you come across and you will move very quickly to 60. Just don’t stop killing…

Just like krbhi said, go to Mounds of the Dead and farm mobs there, you’ll be 60 in no time.

build T3. profit.

light all 6 altars

Journey steps

I can’t tell you how much I hate “grinding” in order to level. I have never understood it. I first ran into it in EverQuest II where players would spend day after day killing scarecrows in a little field to level. There would be dozens of players just running around killing scarecrows as they respawned, hour after hour after hour, grinding through XP.

Completing Journey Steps best way to level in Conan Exiles.

Doesn’t work currently. Crafting yields no or next to no XP atm.

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Wait for the patch and kill everything you see, especially elites or go Mounds or Asagarth and kill everything you see (before patch) lmao.

Oh I’m not disagreeing with “kill everything you see”, that works admirably and I expect it’ll continue to do so. I just don’t want anyone else to find out the hard way that crafting XP is MIA at the moment. I wanted to level up a secondary character, so I prepared a huge stockpile of T3 stuff, got them to level 30 (by random journey steps & killing things) and crafted away. Came back some time later to a pile of T3 foundations etc and a character that hadn’t even advanced a single level.