Impossible to hit level cap

I have made a post about it again but now it seems impossible hit level cap. I am 46 level and i have explored 3/4 of the map and done almost every single journey step, with the amount of exp i can get from the remain journeys i can be 51-52 MAX. How am i suppose to grind the rest until 60 which are the hardest levels to get…

kill some NPC maybe ?
i have no issues to get lvl 60 in xp x1

you get around 4k exp max per kill, that means i need to kill the thousands of mobs

Make tier 3 coinstruction equipment. 2 of my friends reached level 60 building our northern base.

I was thinking of making a new character. According to some guys you can get to level 44 by exploring the entire map and then start doing the journey

Vaults give 230k xp per craft and can be crafted at level 44.

If you have a T4 thrall (I use a T4 armourer) on the artisan bench when you craft it you will save 50% of the materials so making it cost 20 steel bars, 63 steel reinforcement and 75 hardened brick.

If you proceed to then dismantle it after placing you will recoup 25% of material cost, meaning you can create 4 vaults for the price of 1 if you use this method.


Head to New Asgarth, take your time if your new or just blitz it and clear out the whole city (150 - 300 steel based on RNG)

Then go clear the camps surrounding New Asgarth for additional steel while you wait for the respawns (50 - 200 steel)

Rinse repeat :smiley:


In addition, steel can easily be farmed off NPCs I. The northern areas saving you the steps of having to gather the materials to make it. One good steel run around the northern camps can net you over 150 steel.

You get xp for almost everything you do, even standing there staring at your toes. I went from 45-60 just from building a craft-hall and a wall around it out of T3 materials. That’s with harvesting and making all the mats myself. Haven’t even started the main castle keep yet.

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wow thanks, i thought of that by it was really expensive but i guess its the best way to farm exp atm. you also get exp from killing mobs so…

Well, to be honest, it was a really big crafting hall and wall. I have at least 10k hardened brick in it.

I actually made several levels just crafting t2 buildings, I only recently learned of the “mining the NPCs” for steel thing… Probably need to upgrade my weapons for that, I’ve just been using an ancient two-hander, but these t3 npcs have shields and stuff.

it sounds like you did a really good job, i would like to see a picture xD

Can confirm, I levelled up yesterday just standing still in my base while was afk eating snacks :rofl:
Levelled up again soon after as I mined stone

That’s the survival xp kicking in. You literally earn xp for every second you don’t die.

60 is easy try it with mods that make level cap 120+

Bunch of good tips here already but to reiterate.

Head north. Kill NPCs around New Asgarth, build T3 buildings, vaults, improved crafting stations. Rinse, repeat. If you want to change it up a little every now and again, head up to the Black Keep and kill Silent Legion NPCs, Sabretooths and Living Magma. Magma’s drop demon blood by the bucket load as well as brimstone.

There’s also some black ice nearby the Black Keep that you will need for T3 base building and the Silent Legion NPCs also carry it, along with Star Metal.

To get from 55-60 I farmed the Black Keep area while crafting.

This might get nerfed after saying this… but one way to trickle in exp is to get a Blacksmith that makes the Steel Reinforcement recipe 1:1 and just queue up a few hundred.

While they’re cooking, just go out and do your normal thing.

When they’re done, convert them back.


Its not a ton of exp, but its renewable.

to lvl 30, explore, do journey, kill spiders, spiders gives lot xp and are easy to kill when you got the trick.
Then craft T3 tier, vault, maproom, and so on.
And yes, killing moobs will bring you xp like in most games. :v:

On my server i mostly add a mod to level highter than 60, because i’m to quick at end-level now.
There are several nices guides and Y-T videos out explaining step by step what you need to know. But honnestly, simply play the game, have fun, don’t care to much about xp, they will come alone.

Sure, but just one because I don’t want to hijack the thread.

This is a dramatic screenshot of my gatehouse in a thunderstorm:

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Stone Thrones are also a good option to mass produce for XP. Way cheaper than vaults for a third of the XP. They may only get available later though, but I almost farmed my way from 50 to 60 by making thrones.