Escape from Mid-game?

I am absolutely in love with this game and play it when I have free time. I have put maybe 100+ hours in on an official server, but I notice myself stagnating progression wise. I flew through early game and hit the iron tools and weapons quickly. Yet I just reached steel and have not touched level 40. Am I missing something or is the game designed to slow down at this stage? I traversed the wiki and yet I am confused and not sure where else or what to do. I’ve killed the ancient remnant in the dredges and I am no where near killing a boss creature (unless I am missing something on how to kill something with 70k HP) the other bosses seem to difficult for me to beat right now with just steel weapons. I have thralls on most if not all of my crafting benches most level 3 or named, and I am not too sure on how to progress. I know about the journeys but it wants me to obtain the head of a boss creature which I’ve tried for about 10 mins and my weapon broke, whilst the others are very expensive goals that I have been working on for quite awhile (I mostly play solo on a PVE - Conflict server) Any help on how to advance a bit more than just grinding for levels would be appreciated. Thank you for the time!

Exploration gives quite some xp.

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Oh, I didn’t know, it seemed it didn’t give any. Thanks for the tip!

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Explore the map, maje a new base in higher tier area.

If you build tier 2 building you will level fast, and this weekend is double exp so…

Building is what i levelled 20-40 on, and now again after 40 its still the best exp imo.

Get a thrall in your bs bench, and one in your furnace, tier 3 prefebly, will lower cost, and produce faster.

Combine these small things and you will level fast, just set ur new base in are with good amount of materials, iron/coal/fish(oil for furnace etc)

Have fun, levels will come, but the stress to level is not important, the way there is the game.

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