Need help moving forward


So I’ve been playing for a few days, and I’m feeling… stuck.

  • I can’t seem to find the right resources to craft certain things.
  • I can’t seem to fight off more than one enemy at a time, or kill any rare creatures which is where I’m at in the Journey.
  • Haven’t really been able to leave the River area since everything seems to be too strong for me.

System: Xbox One
Mode: Offline SP (for now)
Base Location: Middle of I,3 right on the river.

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Hi Niliu, and welcome! Im sure you will have plenty of other members coming to offer you aid in no time at all. But for now, lets see what I can do to help shall we. First I need to ask you a few questions to tease out some variables.

  • What is your current mode of play? Are you PvP, PvE, on an official server? An Offline Singleplayer? We ask so that we can tailor advice to your game mode.

  • What is your current Attributtes loadout? As a new player, I would strongly advise sinking points into Vitality and Strength first and foremost, until you are handling your opponents better. Dont worry you are not locked into this allocation, and can redistribute them if you would prefer latter.

  • What is you current level, Armour type and Weapon type? Unless you have Light Armour and an Iron weapon minnimum, I would continue to level up more in the Newbie River area first. For the weapons themselves, a two-handed Spear is never out of place. And depending on your mode, a War Axe/Sword & Shield combination is a great choice for one handed.

  • Do you have any Thralls or Pets yet? And if so, what ones specifically? If not I would make obtaining some a top priority. We can tell you how quite easily when we have more details on where you are currently at.

  • Finally, I cannot overstate the importance of mastering roll dodging in this game. Dodge EVERY enemy who attacks you, even if they are weak and you dont really need to. It is all about instilling good habits, so that when you graduate to tougher enemies, it will be second nature.

I know you said you have only been playing for a few days now, so depending on your level, it is quite normal to be still in the Newbie River area at this stage. Anything below level 30 is still fairly weak in Conan Exiles. If you venture into dangerous areas too soon, you will just become overwhelmed and frustrated. Be patient my friend, and good things will come. If you are looking to level up faster, either completing Journey Steps or discovering new locations are good ways. And finally, always keep at least one Bedroll on you where possible to act as a portable spawn point.

There are some good starter tips Niliu. As soon as you give us more details, we can give you even more help, and refine it accordingly. And please feel free to ask any questions. Good luck friend!

PS- sorry one last question. Who is your current Religion/God? As the right god can offer some very helpful benefits early on.


If you provide the information Croms Faithful requested and say what resource you are having trouble discover or obtaining, it would be easier for others to guide you toward it.

I have felt this way after starting. I couldn’t find iron ore to save myself. The closest iron ore was either tightly guarded by rocknose or was located so close to an enemy camp that reaching it without fighting off half the camp was not possible. The good news is, that Funcom had placed iron ore on the north side of the river, under the cliffs so that a new player can now access that resource without dying too many times first.

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There are also a couple of excellent interactive Conan Exiles maps on the Internet showing you where you can find resources, NPCs or monsters of a particular type, etc. You can use this to plan where you want to build your base.

Also, the journey steps are distributed pretty unevenly. Some of them can be pretty difficult on lower levels, even if they’re low-level Journey steps, whereas you can accidentally complete a high-level one by just wandering around and doing random stuff. Don’t be afraid to just leave a journey step uncompleted and simply carry on exploring, building, trying out stuff.


In the absence of more info on the other questions (as others mentioned) all I will say is in regards to combat.

Spears. Screw swords, forget archery, just make a stone/iron spear or pike. The hours of frustration I could have saved myself when I first started playing this game, the stupid deaths and slow progression because silly me thought my steel sword or longsword was somehow an upgrade from a stick with a sharp stone at the end.


Hey @Croms_Faithful. Let’s see about those questions.

  • Offline Single Player

  • Attributes are currently Str 10, Agi 10, Vit 10, Acc 9, Grit 9, Enc 9, Surv 7

  • Level 28, Medium Armour, Iron Sword (Pictish Longsword) & Iron Targe. So far I have only ever used the sword and shield… and fists when the character was fresh.

  • One Trall currently, Zomorian Exile 1 [Fighter], have a Carpenter 3 on the go.

  • My god is Mitra.


I would find some yellow lotus and respec. Especially while you are levelling up, don’t put much in Surv or anything in Accuracy (unless you just really like using bows and living the hard life). Just be aware that Yellow Lotus potion resets attributes and feats, you’ll need to relearn everything. That can be good though, now that you have a better idea of what you need in the early game you can be more selective when using feat points.

  • Get a map like this one to help with resource locations: Most of the things you need to advance north can be found around the river area or just outside it, you just need to know where to look.

  • If you use a spear or a greatsword and use heavy attacks they will cause a small stun/knockback effect to many enemies. Especially around the river area, this can be extremely helpful in killing them. Deliver a combo, roll away to avoid their return attack. Rinse and repeat. Just keep an eye on your stamina.

  • Use the Exile camps along the river to stock up on the Mitra Ambrosia. Decent amount of healing for early game, and not terribly hard to get if you have the Shrine. Or you can collect aloe for potions. Can help a lot with survival when you’re trying to advance and don’t have regen.

  • Sooner rather than later, I would check out some of the faction armors. They can be more expensive than the base Medium/Light/Heavy, but they are much better and sometimes give you bonuses. Some of the ones in the list I linked are specific to DLC, but not all. Just find one with specs you like/think would be useful.

Like @Croms_Faithful said, don’t be discouraged if you feel stuck. This can be a very unforgiving game, and parts of it have a steep curve. I spent a long time dying and retrying parts when I first started before I ever got out of the river area. It makes the feeling when you succeed at something so much better :grinning:


I do like Archery, especially since you can weaken things at range. I’ll see how I feel after I try the Spear out some more.

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I should specify, archery is way better than it used to be. But during early level stages, you want to be careful when using it, you can quickly find yourself in a bad spot.

A great place to find general info about the game, components, crafting requirements, etc is


Oh, I’ve been using that a lot hehe

btw, thanks for linking a lot of stuff for me :slight_smile:

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I’m also a Solo Offline player on Xbox and still working my original character after 14 months. I had a ton of struggles, it took me about 5 hours of game play to learn how to start the fire before i just googled it.

I’m also going to plug the Wiki as a great source of info.

I grind all my resources and don’t use Admin panel except to set the nudity but the 1st thing I did after a few weeks of frustration of not being able to do anything was go into settings and change the Drop Items on Death option. once i was able to keep my items i found i enjoyed the whole experience much more and felt more free to explore.

I will also say that Archery is only good for hunting in my experience. A head-shot on a deer is my ideal use but i found no combat situation where it’s useful. Aside from entry to fight the Abysmal Remnant nothing else comes to mind. The 1st best weapon i had was a Pike, it helped me keep distance from gator and spiders when striking.

I fight from time to time and take an occasional Thrall but prefer the Pets system. Running the map exploring, opening up the map locations and the Building/Crafting modes of the game are what i enjoy the most. I’m a slow grind and spend the majority of my game play farming resources and crafting materials. After all these months still only at level 41.

Hope you keep with it, @Niliu. I think you’ll really like it.


Thanks Jeff. 7 Days to Die was my survival game before this, 513hrs, but it’s kinda died off since the console version doesn’t get updated anymore. Telltale went belly up and Fun Pimps is having a heluva time trying to get the rights back.

Anyone have a suggestion on how I should allocate my points moving forward, or if there’s a guide somewhere? Also, looking to start a new character and try the online stuff, but I don’t wanna be alone (scary!)

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Ok Niliu, lets see what we can do here.

  • Niliu have you made yourself Admin so that you dont drop your equipment when you die? If not, Pause the game, and use the LT/RT to scroll over to Settings -> Server Settings -> General -> Make Me Admin. From there scroll down the ‘Survival’ option and ensure that 'drop equipment on death is unchecked.

  • As Maehedros said, while you are still at this level I would respec (reset) a few of your Attributes. For now especially, forget about about Grit and Survival, re-allocate their points into Vitality (your single most important Attribute in this game) until you hit at least the 3rd Perk. I would ordinarily Accuracy too, but if you are primarily an archer, then leave its points there. Now very important follow up question: Do you have a Firebowl Cauldron (alchemy table) yet? If not definately invest in one, it is a must for numerous important items! This will let you make the Yellow Lotus potion to redistribute Attributes, and Aloe Extract potion; one of the best and easiest healing items to produce in the game!

Its still normal to be around the River at that point buddy, dont feel discouraged. As Maehedros also pointed out, it is also a good idea to unlock new Armours as your level permits in the Feats menu, many of them leave the standards for dead. You will also notice a big difference when you move up to steel weapons. To make Steel, you need to put Steelfire (made at the Firebowl Caulron) in the Furnace with Iron bars. I am genuinely happy to go into more depth if you would like me to. While the Spear is the current meta, I respectfully disagree with Maedhros regarding the Sword and Shield combo (especially in Singleplayer), I still use them to great effect.

  • I strongly advise getting more thralls, and raising some Pets. Any who arent following can be placed on guard duty at your home. I personally have well over a dozen thralls and six pets. Pets: are easy to catch and highly renewable. First a Animal Pen in Feats (its in ‘thrall taker’ where you learned the Wheel of Pain). Build it on a stretch of flat land( its BIG so you may need to search further down from your base for some descent flat enough land to place it. Then grab one of the baby Crocodiles, Hyenas or Shalebacks you see wandering around and place him in the Pen with a suitable food. Now just wait until hes big and a fearsome ally. Thralks: T4 Fighter thralls almost always spawn in at coordinates I,4 on the map. They are hard to capture but you will have a darn strong follower if you do. You can give a following thrall a Truncheon too, and you can both wail on him together. Just be sure to temporarily confiscate his normal weapon first, otherwise the silly sod will get confused.

  • Miitra is a great choice for new players, as his Ambrosia is a great healing agent. Keep a good supply on hand. You can also learn Yogs religion from Nunu the Cannibal at Shamans Rise at coordinates F,4 if you are interested.

Again be patient Niliu, boist Vitality, increase your allies and as Maedhros said, invest in good Armours. When you are finally ready (do tjose and youll be almost there) to try you luck outside the River, head east into the Jungle as it is a fairly manageable biome. Feel free to ask as many more questions as you like. Good luck!


I am admin, but I wasn’t sure if changing something like that would impact my ability to get achievements or anything.

I do have the Cauldron, got it as soon as I could. Have a TON of Aloe Potions

I’m not primarily an archer, I’ve actually taken it off my weapon wheel for the time being.

I have some of the DLC armours, are they better than the standard or just a cosmetic difference?

I’m working on Thralls, just need either more wheels, or a better wheel. Haven’t unlocked the Beast pen, was thinking of doing that with my next level, but that’s level 30 and I understand a lot unlocks at that level.

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Lovely, had my one Thrall following me, knocked him out, and now he’s gone. I had dragged him back to base, and his body vanished

No not at all Niliu, I know some devious players who have literally cheated their way to a Platinum trophy in the course of a single day. Admin wont affect your achievements in the slightest.

Sweet, between them and Ambrosia you well and truly have good healing items covered. I can tell you some otber good ones if you like, but they are two of your best.

In that case I would probably use a Yellow Lotus Potion to re-invest those points into Vitality, Strength, then maybe Encumberance in that order or importance. The first perk of Agility is good, but not much beyond that.

Cool. The regular Wheel of Pain (medium sized) will let you have up to 4 slaves on it at once, so is a good investment. Throw any 4 on there all at once! You could buy and build it along with the Animal Pen, then simply respec and put those Feat points on something else. Some with some things like Tanning Racks and Furnaces. Dont be affraid to, and embrace the idea of redistributing your points on CE. It is common until you hit high levels. At which point, Fragments of Power will provide additional ones.


Contrary to popular opinion, I actually like to invest stat points in Survival 10 in early game because it helps with food logistics (ie. you can eat what you kill raw without needing to build fireplaces and carry fuel wherever you go). You could eventually respec out of it once your food production is in order.

Another very important stat for me is Vitality 30. It’s slow, passive regeneration, so it won’t help you much during combat, but you’ll get back into shape without food after combat.

I don’t do PvP so I never invested much into Strength. STR10 lets you knock out thralls faster, which is important. Other than that, you just need to hit things more times to kill them, but once you know how fighting works, most NPCs should give you no trouble.

Grit is always important. No matter your level, you’ll spend a lot of time running around and swinging weapons.

I use bows a lot but I never invested any points in Accuracy. You can still use it to aggro enemies from afar, snipe weaker opponents, put some initial damage into enemies before finishing them off in close combat, etc. Of course, I don’t know what I’m missing because I never tried leveling up Accuracy, but i’m fine with what I have.


Niliu Im not really sure what you are trying to say here buddy. If you mean your lvl1 thrall you already had died, Im sorry to hear that. However I would just start replacing him with (numerous) others as soon as you can. Being our characters slave in this game is a job which comes great personal risks to health and safety, and has a high turnover rate. I have few slaves left from my early stages of the game. The Purge can really thin them out when the time comes.

I have largely ignored the DLC armours myself. Not because they are bad or anything. More just because I had levelled beyond many of them when they came out. But here is my take explained in the simplest way I can. The DLC armours are basically just reskins of the standard Medium armour. They do offer different temperature resistance/protection, and different Attribute bonuses depending on the set. However the actual armour ratng remains the same for both. For example in the medium category, the Pictish, Aquilonian and standard Medium sets are all 47 base rate. The DLC is essentially just cosmetic, as Funcom doesnt want people to buy advantages.

Although in your ‘Armourer’ feat, other sets you purchase using feat points are much stronger. For example sake I will use the medium category again. The Kambujan Shaman armour (unlocked from ‘Savage Armours’ from level 20) has a base armour rating of 61. Moreover, the Stygian Raider (unlocked with ‘Raider Armours’ from level 30) has a base armour rating of 71! Big difference hey mate…? Now…all of the examples I have provided only used the relevant sets chestpiece for the comparison, to avoid a wall of text. Add the number values from the helmet, pants, boots and gauntlets into the mix, and those numbers REALLY add up. I hope that has answered your questions, and given some better insight Niliu. If not, Im more than happy to go back over it and explain further where necessary. Again feel free to ask any questions you like, were here to help.

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Oh me too, and I tend to keep (at least) those ten points there, if nothing else because I tend to randomly eat things that pop into my hotkeys and it’s annoying to get food poisoning too often.

Most of the time (ie when not focusing on combat) I like to get Hard Worker, too.