Trying to figure out Tiers

Ok been playing since Conan came out on xbox one game pass but having a hard time trying to figure what is what tier like iron which i am now and about to go to steel sot sure what weapon or armor will take me to tier 2 and their is no videos on how to adavance in tiers.

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I wouldn’t say there is any rigid tier structure, crafting is obviously level locked but you can use anything found or given to you. I view it as pre 60 and post 60. Armor doesn’t get incrementally better really, the jump from non epic to epic is huge though


Kinda depends if you are on Siptah map materials are easier to get over Exiles as far as I am concerned gathering materials will level you up and then make what you want.

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I agree with the other two. There really isn’t a tier system perse. Other than the difference between epic and non-epic I suppose.

Just use whatever you can get your hands on that has the better stats or that you have an easier time with.

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@ShadowNova ,You are just a bit confused . Tiers belong to the building pieces, crafters and Thralls , not to you . Your growing is lvling up to 60 which is the max . As you lvl up you can use different tiers .
Tier 1 is starting
Tier 2 is advancing
Tier 3 is the highest , the best .

A player lvl up fast if …
he proceeds the journey steps
he farms rare materials , like black ice , brimstone , obsidian , silver , etc …
he visits different places of the map
he kills skeletons and other difficult mobs .

So leave your pick for awhile , take some potions , a war axe , daggers , some skin (for bedrolls) and start traveling .
Check on YouTube , religion locations , cooking recipes locations , brewing recipe locations , emote locations and go pick them up . In this journey you’ll end up finding more than the expected and you’ll lvl up in no time .

You can farm stones and wood for months and stay in lvl 35 , yet if you travel for a few days maybe you’ll go more than 50 .

Don’t forget to use bedrolls a lot . if you find nodes in this journey farm them and toss the on the ground , lvling is more important than the mats , plus if you find locations with desired materials you can always spot them on your map and farm the area another day :wink: .

Don’t be afraid to risk a death for knowledge , as long as you first put a bedroll somewhere close . But even if you die and you cannot take your loot back , don’t get frustrated, knowledge is the greatest bet not the materials , there is nothing you cannot farm back , the biggest the lvl the greater the farm .

If you visit the frost lands fix a food or carry an alcohol that can warm you up a bit , do not afraid very cold , extremely cold an frostbite is the problem , yet keep running until you find a place to be very cold so you can heal .

If you visit volcano take some ice with you , it has the best cooling down of the game when you consume it .

In exile lands you can visit all the map and gain most of the knowledge from day one , all you have to do is start traveling , the rest will come alone :wink:.

Have fun m8 , feel free to ask anything .


Where tiers really matter is building types. I think that’s the only part of the game that are normally broken down simply that way.

I suppose thralls as well, but non crafting thralls don’t necessarily have direct progression, and if you can knock them out you can get a really strong thrall regardless of their level vs yours.

Weapons do progress by materials, but I cant think of a time I’ve seen them referred to as tiers. Stone, iron, steel, ancient, hardened steel, star metal.

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As others said , as you level up and unlock newer receipes you gain access to better crafting , but you shouldn’t to much think of it as tiered , even if I get what you mean , stone → iron → steel → hardened steel → star metal => black ice => obsidian > legendary , but as you level up and get to 60 , you’ll see that legendaries are far better than the gap between the others objects (with some crafted legendaries and some only lootable )

The thing you need to think of more though is to catch a good thrall to help you in your quest ( if not do the quests for you :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: )


It might be worth mentioning that while tiers aren’t really a thing, you do still want to pay attention to things like whether you’re wearing light or heavy armor or what type of weapon you’re using.

Like maybe you’re having some trouble surviving encounters and the simplest solution would be to equip some medium armor. Or maybe you’re trying to use a spear, but for whatever reason you can’t seem to land hits very well so perhaps an axe or a mace or sword would work better for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Thxs for all the advice it helps me out alot and i am currently on exiles map right don’t own siptah yet and planning to explore more soon and have Freya taming in my wheel only have her and a tier 3 fighter right now he helped me get her. so going to go explore the south tomorrow. Or west side of map.


I love Freya! She’s not the strongest thrall but she’s certainly no slouch

There is so much to explore in this game, I’ve been playing for several months now and there is a ton of places I still haven’t been

I’d also suggest bolstering your leveling by gathering materials you are going to need a lot of progressing towards higher level equipment. Things such as brimstone, bark, hides for tar, etc. You’ll likely end up grinding these in large amounts, so may as well start early and benefit from the experience it gives prior to hitting 60.

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Already got tar over a 1000 and planning to get brimstone tommorow but not sure if i should get a bearer or not for a heavy farming trip.

If you have the Turan DLC, you can craft Caravan Rhino or Elephant. Both are better than a T4 Bearer, imo. But yes for heavy farming it’s better to have some mobile storage like a Caravan Pet or a Bearer to avoid being over-encumbered.

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I have no dlc so the bearer is the only thing i can rely on right now.

Brimstone is in stacks of 500 so even if you take a normal thrall or horse you can bring back huge amounts

There’s also the option of getting a camel.

There’s only, what, 2000-3000 brimstone if you clear the entire spring? Any thrall + horse should handle that swimmingly. You mentioned you were iron moving to steel, you will need sandstorm mask or equivalent to harvest brimstone just in case you weren’t aware.

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I’m aware but going to the croc cave and thrall cave to get brimestone.

Just got over 1.5k of brimestone from the caves and being heading back to base soon to make steel.

Finding those caves in the south really help get a good source of brimstone that’s easy to get early in the game