Suggestion for weapons, reduse the difference

The way things are right now, iron and steel weapons can be skipped easily. Other than that a new player in pvp servers stands no chance if he does not know a bit pve. Old players can skip all the categories and go straight from stone to legendary :man_shrugging:. So my suggestion is simple and logical. An iron dagger can do no less damage than the steel one, the only differences are 2.
1st armor pen.
2nd durability.
There for I suggest that the damage outcome difference to be just one point, for example…
Iron sword 45
Steel sword 46
Ancient sword 47
Hardened steel 48
Star metal, dragon bone, obsidian ,khari and eldarium 49.
The armor pen, the durability and the “upgrade” from benches - specialist ctafters, still can make significant difference, to everything. My numbers are plasmatic, just an example.
I believe this way we’ll revive the happiness of creating “low” material weapons and will fix again, why not an iron axe or a dlc iron weapon. How many years past since you fixed a dlc weapon in Iron?
Last but not least, it’s not correct stone daggers or swords to do almost the same damage with iron, it’s wrong.
No nerfs please only upgrades :grin:.
So what do you think?


I think it is a system that could work in a hypothetical game if it was implemented that way from the outset.

Having a clear progression suits the style of this game, and it is too late to make such a drastic fundamental change at this point.

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I like this idea, but I generally prefer games where the power spread of gear is very narrow. Where it’s mostly cosmetic whether you choose a basic serviceable weapon or a baroque glowing monstrosity with a blade made of gold. If I could change one thing about CE it would be to make the gear progression much more even.

Like Tephra said though, it’s not really this game’s style, so I put up with it because the game as a whole is very compelling.

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Now would be the time to do it though. The entire system is getting revamped so you can’t say it’s not part of CE if CE is getting redefined.


I have always suggested this in any game with pve/pvp

Is for weapons to have separate stats when hitting npc/enemy or player.

Iron is 10 damage but 25 to player.
Steal is 12 But 26 to player

Legendary is 50 / 30

So your never really that far behind pvp, But you work your way up thru pve.

But ya

This is something I wish a Game would try.
Just make better grade of weapon have better durability. (as thats really main difference on what its made of)

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It’d be nice but we probably would have heard by now if something like flattening the weapon damage curve was planned. They have little cosmetic reason to do it, now that there’ll be item transmog.

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To be honest. I think you might be on to something. Its not a comprehensive fix, but its the sort of out of box thinking that might lead somewhere. I’m not going to lie though, I was about to dismiss outright as ridiculous. But given the topics that have sprung up recently, and my own forrays into trying to fix tiers. This just might be something worth exploring.

I don’t have an opinion on it other than that for now. I’m going to have to dwell on this for a bit.

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I am working on a mod that does something like that. Also adding in a new stat for weapons…armor break. Basically the type and tier of weapon will also do more armor durabilty loss when you hit the enemy. Stone daggers being lowest vs Epic 2H hammer doing most. This adds viability for less damge/Ap weapons, but wear the opponents armor down. if you can break it, then you gain an advantage. Have it actually working with a debuff icon and everything. Now i am woeking the scale to be a tactic but not a meta op.

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I have suggested this personally, i would whole heartedly agree. I have beat people with stone weapons at lvl 14 vs a 60 in meta gear, though this has been a wile, mostly probably because i can reach 60 and geard in a day

But i would like lesser ignored tiers to become reasonable again. Maybe if others are hating the closeness of the dps, add armor pen and durability to each tier…
In pvp everyone would upgrade because every 1% is a bonus, but also in a pinch against a person of equal skill: you might win

Granted i would make less/more( hell i forget the technical terms)
But 45 / 50 / 54 / 57 / 59 ect
With armor pen and damage slightly varied by style

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I think it breaks the immersion in an attempt to solve something that people keep pointing out as a problem without explaining why it’s a problem.

I mean, I totally understand that we all get nostalgic for those times when Conan Exiles was new and exciting and we were just discovering all the stuff and everything was “ooh” and “aah” and “that’s so cool!”, but why is it hard to get that our nostalgia isn’t a good enough excuse to screw with the newcomers’ gameplay experience?

You bring up the “happiness” of creating low-tier weapons. Let me ask you something: do you remember why that made you happy? I’m willing to bet that the answer is something along the lines of “because it was a goal I achieved after some effort”.

As a newbie, you start naked, then you figure out how to get dressed and craft the crappiest tools and weapons out of branches and stone, and then you set out to try to craft something decent. And once you’ve finally jumped through all the hoops and you have an iron weapon in your hand, you set forth and seek the enemies that have vexed you thus far and you slaughter them and cackle on top of their corpses, because iron is so much better than stone.

And then you have to figure out how to make steel, and that involves all the shenanigans with the brimstone and tar and steelfire and the 5-to-1 ration between iron and steel and it makes you go “damn, this is not trivial”, but you persist and you finally get a steel weapon. And again, you go out and slaughter the tougher enemies that were a challenge for your iron weapons, and you celebrate the victory, because steel is so much better than iron.

This is what you want to take away from new players. You know what your suggestion would do? The player who finally managed to get to the next tier would go out with their new weapon and try it out and see that it made no immediately notable difference. Do you think that bringing back your happiness with iron weapons would make them happy?

Yes, once you’re an experienced player, you can skip tiers. And once you’ve learned how to drive in one country, you can move to almost any other country and you don’t have to learn how to drive again. That’s okay.

On the server where I play, I’ve recently run into a dude who stopped playing Conan Exiles in 2018. He decided to come back and try again, and it’s a whole new game to him now. Maybe there’s something to learn from that. Maybe we all need to take a break when we’re just not enjoying the game enough anymore.

I did. I’m having fun now. I’ll undoubtedly go on another hiatus sometime in the future.

It’s fine to want to enjoy the game more. But if you’re going to mess with the progression, always think about the newbies. That’s who it’s for. They’re the new blood Conan Exiles needs.


Doesnt the transmog technically already make all gear looks equal in stats? I mean, frst rrcipes are a lazy feat pointbsystem away as you level, so power level to 60, then transmog your Star Metal 2H into a st9ne 2h look. Basically, all crafted weapons are now just skins.


Now thay i think about it, on pvp servers, ill justvhave to kill all unlnown players on site. With player list off, i cant tell ifntheybare level 60. They can now run around qith the look of noob, rag runic armor and stone weapons, but be running meta feroxic and armor stats. So some noobs will ow be killed as collateral damage, which will make pcp servers even more popular [sic]

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Just wanted to say: immersion: if me and you are standing next to each other and i smack you all the sudden with a warhmer, its not gonna matter weather its a large solid rock on the end of a stick pr a solid hardened steel forged weapon… it matters as far as the materials if were in combat durability wise… but in real life it doesnt matter what i smack you with your done on the first blow to the head… how is that immersion breaking?

Now i can see armor pen being a big distinction as in stone and up:

0 / 20 / 30 / 35/ 40 as an example


On servers you can see player lists: it also shows player level. Wile i apreciate your input on several things i would caution making things more than they are makes most people believe your points are irrelevant…

Also armors weapons cannot be moged outside of thier class or capability… wile this may help the l10 armos be more useful, lets wait and see how 3.0 actually does the transmog?

You’re mixing up immersion and realism. They’re not the same.

Immersion depends on suspension of disbelief, and suspension of disbelief often depends on expectations and conventions.

If you and I meet up somewhere in the real world, and I take a bow and shoot an arrow into any part of your body, you’re not going to get better just by chewing on some insects you picked out of a plant and waiting a while. That’s what realism is about. And yet, in Conan Exiles, you munch on insects – if you don’t have anything better – to recover your health and you don’t stop to think about it. That’s immersion.

If tomorrow a crocodile bites your leg in Conan Exiles and that makes your character walk with a limp no matter what you do, that will break your immersion, because the convention for that genre of videogames is that you can’t get permanently crippled and any injury can be completely healed. That convention sets up an expectation, and if that expectation is not met, your immersion breaks.

In fact, your whole argument about immersion is based around the lack of realism. You pointed out how things are different in the real life, yet you completely ignored that, for some reason, you’re fine playing a game that doesn’t faithfully reflect real life. That’s because you have certain expectation about games.

That’s what immersion is about.

The effects of armor pen are only immediately noticeable when you fight an enemy with lots of armor. Those enemies are few. A newbie won’t know which ones are which, so they most likely won’t perceive the difference between tiers as well as they can perceive the difference in damage.

Remember, the progression is primarily aimed at newbies, not us. You’re still trying to justify screwіng up their rewards and their gameplay experience and their learning process, all in the name of your misconceptions about game balance.



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Conan Exiles patchnotes in 2127:

  • Changed 1h star metal sword damage from 123000000 to 124000000 for balancing reasons.

This post is for fun only. Please do not take it seriously :smiley:


Not on pc pvp. you can see steam ids with a tilde button.

they already said ttpe, not levels will matter. Watched and read the recap. You do have the craft the weapon/armor you want hhe statds from. Then you transmog it to a aesthetic of a recipe you have of the same type. 2h sword to 2h sword, dagger to dagger, etc.

I totally agree! Every word from you is a Bible to me. Yet we have to accept 2 things.

  1. You could not open legendary chests before lvl 60.
  2. The most pve nerfs are for stabilizing pvp.
    So here I am, new player and I want to go pvp. I am skilled player, even if I do not know the game, I can do it faster and better than people playing it for years, yet I will loose. Why? The huge difference between weapons. Can I escape a fight?
    Not anymore.
    So since I am new, I have nothing but skills, still it is impossible to win? Pvp in all the games must be focused on skill if you ask me. This I believe is the reason people just passing by the game.
    For pve? I don’t care the slightest about changes, I love them all because I see them as new challenges. The only ones that hurt me are the weapon nerfs. Yet you know that nonetheless I always welcome the changes.
    If by any chance you see this post as an insult to you or the forum, please let me know and I will beg the community to close it at once.
    Thank you my friend.