The Crafting Experience Is Chaotic

I feel the overall crafting experience is chaotic, in two major aspects:

  1. The filter and category for Crafting are messy;
  2. The progression of early game craftable equipment is mostly meaningless.

Filter & Category
To craft an item, you need to locate the recipe. The game provide two method to locate a recipe, one is the Keyword Filter, the other is the Category Filter, but:

  • The Category Filter is mostly useless;
  • The Hand Crafting interface hoards too many recipes, you can’t efficiently locate the item you want to craft unless you use the Keyword Filter;
  • The Keyword Filter was affected by censorship, forcing you to avoid certain letter combinations;
  • All those actual benches should already serve as each their own “category filter”, but in current game, each bench’s Crafting Interface don’t have their own specialized sub-category but instead sharing the generic Inventory Interface’s category filter.

Progression of Early Game Craftable
To level up a char from 1 to 60 is pretty fast. And when a player character reaches lvl60, the real adventure of the game has only just begun. But:

  • All those iron/steel tier weapons just became useless in your game once you can craft Ancient tier;
  • The access of Ancient tier weapons is way too easy;
  • Weapon’s penetration value has nothing to do with their material, but instead only related to the type;
  • Crafter thrall’s race and original faction has no impact to what they can craft;
  • You can craft racial equipment, such as cimmerian axe or cimmerian armor, even you were not of that race at all.

(Here lists the things that I wish I could mod myself, but so far that modding tool of 240GB takes like forever to download)

  • Stone sword and stone greatsword should be removed from the game;
  • Iron tier weapons should have their damage matching the steel tier weapons but with a significantly lowered durability value;
  • Ancient tier weapons should not be craftable but instead only lootable from the ancient undead enemies;
  • Non legendary repair kit, both for weapon and for armor, need to be more useful;
  • Iron tier weapons should be able to be repaired with the stone tier wetstone and this stone tier wetstone should be craftable via Hand Crafting;
  • Iron tier wetstone should be simply removed since it’s not logical;
  • Steel tier wetstone and above should also require resin to make, instead of just steel bars.
  • All wild beasts need to be much more dangrous and harder to kill, so if you have only stone tier weapon, you would want to avoid mature kappa or hyena;
  • Racial weapons/armors should be only available from thralls with correct race, except for the dlc content;
  • The default player feats should only unlocking the weapons and armors that don’t have racial identity in item’s name and description. The DLC item can stay unchanged;
  • Branches should not be used to craft iron tier weapons and above, use handle or shaped wood instead;
  • Follower thralls better bring no weapon nor cloth with them right after their placement;
  • Follower thralls better also have their equipment losing durability during the combat, so that the player can stop giving them their legendary grade gears while they themselves were still using the steel tier.
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Why? Nobody would even use steel weapons, it would be far easier to repair iron ones.

Does anyone even use ancient weapons?

Agree on the first part, disagree on the second: it would severely limit the initial usefulness of stone weapons, nevermind that most iron can be found in areas with somewhat tougher enemies.

Used to be the case (more or less) but this was changed when crafter thralls received specializations.

No. Lore-wise there’s no reason to assume that a characters heritage automatically means they would know how to make armour befitting their race. Gameplay wise there’s no benefit to this change aside from punishing races with no appropriate feats (e.g. Khitan).

Eh, the only thralls worthwhile clubbing for their weapons are the Cimmerians and by the time you’re able to safely knock them out you’ve probably got a decent set of gear anyway.


Thank you for reading the misc, it was more like nagging and full of immature thinking, your veteran insights are most appreciated!

I feel the Stone sword and greatsword just don’t make sense.

What if the iron weapons got very little durability, say, ten times less comparing to their current durability?

Ha! This is the insight I definitely need to know! As a green player of CE myself, I haven’t adventure far into the northern woods and am still heavily rely on Ancient Sword and Ancient Hammer. What weapon would you use for mid-game adventure?(by mid-game I mean when you settledown with improved tier production stations)

It just feels like the survival part of the game was missing. I think if in early game I could only hunt for rabbit and infant gazelle or steal eggs and infant kappa, then the survival experience would be greatly improved. The goal would be, make the meat and hide havest from a mature kappa or hyena to worth about 20~30 iron bar.

Yea… indeed.

You’re not wrong. But whynot replace them with Macuahuitl?


This is a subject i used to be very vocal about before we finally got the craft filter on Xbox, and it definently still needs a lot of cleaning up to be more convienient.

One small thing they could probably easily add is holding down R3 brings you back to the start of filters, that way even if you filter one click in you can avoid having to click all thru the filters to get back to the start

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Technically that’d be on the Obsidian tier :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, I usually craft up to steel weapons and then just use whatever I loot from chests/enemies till I get legendary equipment.

Tools I don’t even bother upgrading from Iron till I can make a star metal pick.


Really? Well, I for one, am very VERY glad for stone great swords at level 5 to about level 20 or so. I take so much less damage than if I go for stone daggers - I barely have to even pick any aloe plants. And typical enemies die in 3 to 5 seconds instead of 10 or 15 seconds as is the case with daggers. I suppose a lot depends on where you put your attribute points as you go along…

No offense, the initial post here seems like it’s from someone with no actual play experience. Almost every point in all those bullets is wrong on some level or another as it relates to my own experiences. ~=shrug=~ I probably shouldn’t have made this last comment because it will likely be read as combative - but that’s not the intent, really.


Yet we need to factor in his opinion, don’t we? :wink:

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I dunno, I guess you’re being sarcastic? But just everything there hits me as a “whuuuut?” moment or idea. Factor just means considering a fact or circumstance which contributes to a result. If the result is excessive face-palming why wouldn’t I seek probable factors?

But no, I don’t think as players we need to “factor in” anyone’s opinions. That seems to imply accepting on faith or some such, no, I getting you wrong?

Example Case:

  • Child A is 10 years old and forms an opinion that the traffic on the nearby highway should always stop when he attempts to cross. Factoring in that opinion is not going to produce anything desirable.

Off topic: I read the title as “The Catholic Experience Is Chaotic”

And yes, I’m baptized so I just lol’d when I saw it.


The weapon I linked would effectively be a stone sword, just looks more… well grounded in semblance of realism. Not swinging around a hunk of stone that would just break on the first hit.


that looks alot like the darfari weapons that can be unlocked from visiting the camp on noob river…


While I disagree with the majority of the OP’s points (everything has some level of value unless you min/max every single time then it’s stone to iron to just pickaxe to starmetal and the rest are filled in after chomping on some fragments of power.), I will say the self-crafting does really need an update. It would be a totally different game if you could select sort by use.


I think it looks like something our Jr. High School principal had hanging on the wall behind his desk. He called it “The Board Of Education”. :wink:


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There is a mod for that!

Almost all items are useful in the game. The problem is you level up way to fast. You can be level 60 in 8 hours or less if you know how to do it. If progression goes slower items like a steel tools and weapons would be relevant.

At the moment you build your starter base and craft your crafting stations and you’re already level 25’ish, especially if you walk directly to the highlands from the start.

Before you even made your iron tools and weapons you can already make steel. Couple hours later you can get star metal, so steel tools and weapons are irrelevant.

It would also be great if they made more armour tiers.

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Pretty much this.

I’ve found that cutting Exp to 1/2 makes it so you hit 30 with just enough steel to use it. And 50 when you start getting enough hardened steel to use it also.

Though I think base exp values should be cut 75% across the board, with things that give way too much exp (such as crocs, scorpions, etc) gutted even more. Then people can adjust settings to fine tune the rates to their liking.

Even setting exp values to zilch allows for pretty quick gains, and some activities are still far more lucrative than others.


75% seems a little drastic, ~50% would be good.
Most posters here are relatively ‘hardcore’ players that blaze through levels, but I know from my own server that there’s also plenty casual players that play several hours a week and take weeks to hit max. level. Increasing the grind for them may drive them away because they lack progression in weapon/building tiers.

That said, XP gains from enemies need an overhaul altogether to be honest, human enemies give terrible experience regardless of their location on the map compared to virtually all animals and are often more trouble to deal with.

Thank you all for helpful insight!! :wink:

Not sure if I could figure out how to do it. So far I’m planning to duplicate the tool Stone Axe and turn it into a weapon axe with proper dmg. Not sure if I could figure this out neither xD

You guys’ opinions are most welcome. Each player experience the game in each their own way and gathering these opinions will definitely make me understand better how current game’s character progression was like. And I don’t think your comment were “combative” at all, so worry not my friend! Aaand I had waaaay worse. Last time I complain about another game in its subreddit, lost 20 Karma in less than 2 days! 20 Karma!! Yea, karma got me, and got me hard!

This arguement makes me realise how stupid my old plan was! I could even further hurting the gear crafting progression experience and ruin my game! Thank you again!

Thank you for your detailed insight! Didn’t know people would actually skip both steel and hardened steel and directly jump to star metal from iron. Sounds like a Dark Soul Broken Straight Sword challege experience!

Indeed! The character’s level progresion is way too ahead comparing to the gear progression, and this was the reason I think the gear crafting seriously need an improvement.


Annnd, guys, I’m now having a new plan. A Fish Trap plan, not a literally one of course, but using Fish Trap’s mechanic to craft weapon. Please allow me to explain.
In a Fish Trap, you put either Insect or Grub. Putting Insect you get random fish of tier 1, 2, or 3, puttiing Grub you get random fish of tier 2 or 3.
The plan is:

  • First change the recipe of all iron/steel tier weapon to require ingredient Half Finished Piece(that need to be craft at Forge tier1) + certain Handle, and forbit the player to access them via feat unlocker;
  • Then change all iron/steel weapons to have same lvl of dmg but mostly varied via their durability and ap;
  • Then making Forge tier2 into something function like Fish Trap. So that putting iron Half Finished Piece and certain Handle, you get random iron or steel variation of a weapon, putting steel Half Finished Piece and certain Handle, you get random steel variation of a weapon;
  • Then see if I can add those remove iron/steel weapon blueprint into crafter thralls.

Anyway, now I finnally have that 240gb modding tool downloaded, and have already located most of entries that I need to edit. Hope I could figure out how to do the third step mentioned above. Wish me luck :grin:


Indeed! Also the naming method can use some quality of life improvement, for example the Tinkerer’s Bench, the recipes displayed there are totally a mess.

Same here. Or left only t2/t3 foundation in Hand Crafting.