Categorized crafting interface (and autodelete text search)

I’ve just started playing the game, and I love it so far.
The crafting interface is a source of a headache though. Unless you know the name of the item you want to build, it can take ages to find it in the myriads of things you can craft.

It’s nice that you can sort the items after categorization, but it still has a major messy look about it. If you’re in a specific workstation as well, sorting may not be a solution either, as all the items fall under armor, weapons et.c.

I would love to see the crafting UI have a better categorization built in. As a rule of thumb, I think it should aim to stay under the number of items where you have to scroll to see them. Not because of the scroll itself, but as a measure of how well it’s organized.
Some types will take more categorizations that others.

For example, to craft any armor, you need to first craft the paddings. Have that as a separate category (as well as Light, Medium and Heavy). It makes it easy and quick to find. They won’t mix in with the actual armor you’re trying to craft as the end result.

Furthermore, and I know this might be a thing to get used to or even a matter of personal taste.
When you search for something by the name, click around a bit, and go back to the search bar, have the text automatically selected. That way, if you start typing, the old text will disappear directly instead of you have to delete it yourself.
I have no idea how items I’ve searched for that starts with “twi” because I needed to make twine first, and search for that, and with just clicking in the search field, without actually deleting anything stated to type in the name of the new thing I was looking for.