Categorize Crafting Menu

Currently there is no real organization of the feats you choose in your crafting menu, and it becomes a big problem in the later levels when you have 200 different things to sift through to find that one thing you’re looking for. Their location often doesn’t make sense at least on xbox.
Maybe organize them into separate clickable categories? Like weapons, buildings, craftables, misc, etc? The biggest issues are the buildings. If you could categorize those even further into sandstone, insulated wood, brick, black ice, pictish, etc. that would be amazing. Or at least split them into tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.


Must be an XBox thing, as feats seem reasonable organised on PC:

The problem on Xbox is that to my knowledge there is no search function in feats. And the tiny icons don’t have a tooltip, which adds to the learning curb due to my laziness…

You’re right, I misspoke. What I meant to say is once you have those selected feats, the crafting menu itself is unorganized and a mess to navigate. Honestly, if it was anything like the feats menu it might be less of a pain to navigate. I will update this, thanks for bringing this up!

I specifically respec after finishing my base just to have less clutter, which is kinda pointless cos a builder’s job is never done… but yeah. I like the idea of the specific build type under the building tab. And then separate tabs for sandstone, insulated wood, pictish etc etc.

I really hope this can be implemented asap.

Think two different things are being talked about here.

The feats themselves are in categories. You press L1/R1 on PS4 to cycle them, the magnifying glass at the end is the search button to type what you wanna find.

However, in the inventory crafting menu, what I believe is being referred to here, there is no feature.

The closest you can come to this is sorting through those white bubble icons just over the crafting inventory. They black out unrelated recipes. This breaks it into much more manageable chunks.

The exception is the building pieces, because there are so many of them.

The only saving grace right now is they are generally in alphabetical order. So if you know you want Stonebrick, you need to keep going down until you reach ST on the list.

They’d have to do a lot in the UI, I think, to shift in more category icons.

Personally, I think a search option like in the feats themselves, as seen in the image above, would be a huge help. And less work than more categories to click through.

There were some something like, they know There is need for better categorizing, escapely when you have dlc than its horror,

i also wouldn’t mind if you be able ie at blackshmit search by weapob type and material, its mostly problem for console peasnts cus pc master race have keyboard

Although, can’t you use the keyboard in consoles these days? I seem to recall it being something they were working on for Xbox…

I don’t believe many console games have keyboard support.

The closest you can get is the auto-suggest when you start typing.

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