Hiding feats to reduce craftable clutter

Do you suffer from having too much stuff cluttering your crafting list? Do you really need to see that you can craft low level stuff continually?

An easy way to solve this is a way to toggle the visibility of feats so that it doesn’t clutter up your craft list. I don’t wanna see the sandstone foundations when I’m crafting tier3 buildings. Sure I may want to build tier1 stuff at some point, but I’ll just toggle back visibility when I want to.

So ideally you just toggle the visibility on the feat page in your menu page.


Yes. Instead of graying the other things out when the category is changed, just remove them. Categories right now are currently 0 help.

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I agree that the category toggles probably should be reworked / rethought. I don’t use them at all. But that’s mainly because I did once, back when I was less than a few hundred hours in, and it really screwed me up, and I couldn’t figure out immediately how to turn them back off (or, on, really). :rofl:

I just use the field at the top, and type part of what I need for whatever blocks:

“b” for Black Ice T3
“sa” for Sandstone T1
“d st” for Reinforced Stonebrick T3
“stoneb” for Stonebrick T2
“khi” for Khitan T3
“fron” for Frontier T3

Etc., etc. Type enough of what it is you want to craft that narrows the list enough so that you don’t have to do any scrolling. Pretty easy. :slight_smile:

I’ve never played on consoles before but I imagine typing is a bit of a pain.

I still think toggling the visibility of feats would be a good idea. Especially for mods on PC. I got some mods that added a bunch of new stuff I can build so now I have way too many things in my craft list. If I could just hide some of them when I don’t wanna see them, it would improve my QoL in this game by so much.

Right. Consoles. My bro plays on a console from time to time. And I always forget that you don’t necessarily have easy access to a keyboard on a console.

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