Crafting Sorting and DLC items as skins

Was looking at the game for a while, didn’t know much about it beyond blood and nudity. Tried it out on the free weekend and was blown away.
It’s like Ark, but it’s actually good and the animations don’t look like it’s in early Alpha. Fantastic.

But that crafting menu tho.
The crafting menu is in desperate need of an overhaul.
Ark-style folders would be a quick but poor solution, but ideally we need a full menu like the Feats have, where you select Core/building/decorative/survival/weapon/armour/religion/ect and go down a proper list.

As-is, it’s just a jumble of every item in the game stuffed into a box way too small for it.
Having any of the DLC exacerbates this problem tenfold, and I can’t even imagine how awful it is on console.

Also, a tick-box in each crafting bench to toggle hiding the DLC items would be nice, because having 10 types of iron sword makes it harder to see my actual higher-level weaponry. Likewise for armour.
All the dlc armour and weapons seems to be the same stats as the basic iron swords, or the basic light/heavy/medium armours.
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, it’s just cosmetic, but it adds something like ten versions of each light/heavy/medium armour-set or weapon to clog up every workbench, and as soon as you’re capable of making the second tier of metal weaponry you don’t actually care about any of them anymore.

The moment you advance beyond iron weaponry, the DLC items serve no purpose whatsoever, which makes their bloat even more annoying as you fight past them to find items that are actually useful.

Alternatively, remove all DLC items as they currently are, and replace them with easily craftable cosmetics that you apply to a base item to transform it.
Like Tainted Fodder.

That way all the dlc culture-stuff could exist in a separate tab or workbench, and you’d only need one item for each culture.
Apply the Argossian cosmetic to a flawless iron sword, you get the Argossian sword with the damage of a flawless iron sword.
Apply it to a exceptional steel pike instead, you get the Argossian pike, with the same base-damage as an exceptional steel pike.

Apply the Poitain cosmetic to light armour, you get the light-armour version. Apply it to heavy armour, you get the heavy armour version.
Each keeping the stats of the base item it was applied to, to make them viable throughout the entire game.
The skins thing is just a toss-in though. The crafting sorting is a vital necessity.

And yes, i’m aware that both of these things have been suggested many times before, but they have yet to be implemented.
The problems that prompt these requests still exist, and so the requests will continue to exist as well.

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