Iron Ore & Thralls

Currently: Single Player, Level 23, Light Armor Set

Okay so I’m at the point where getting food, fighting basic enemies, & crafting aren’t a huge issue but it’s high time for me to get out of the Stone Age lol. So where can I find Iron Ore locations for my furnace? I really need to locate this in order to advance, well, everything.

Secondly, I’ve made it this far without taking a Thrall but primarily because I don’t understand how. I mean, I’ve crafted the Fiber Bindings & Truncheon, but I don’t have all the elements I need for the Lesser Wheel of Pain.

How does this work practically? Is it a 1 hit with the Truncheon to knock them out? Does it matter who I enslave? Will the fiber bindings hold until I get back to base? How do I even drag someone in this game? Will they drown if I have to carry them through water?

There is so much the game doesn’t tell you. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

If your base is near the big river the best place to find iron ores is around the Tower of Bats in F5.

In the future, when you’ll be more confident in combat, anyway, best way to farm steel will be looting them from dead npcs in cities like New Asagarth (in a run even 300 steel bars).

With a truncheon when you hit a npc you’ll se a white bar on top of the npc health bar, each hit reduce it, when it’s zero the npc will be knocked down.

ehm… no, it’s like a normal fight, not a one shot thing :sweat_smile:
when the npc is knocked down equip bindings (like a weapon) and select the knocked down npc (I play on PC so idk on ps4 what button it is).

Now you have to go to your wheel of pain with the tied npc and select it, now the npc will be dispalyed in the inventory of the wheel.

You’ll have to “fuel” it with food and activating it. After a while, depending of the tier of the npc you captured, it will be transformed in a thrall.

Discovering it’s part of the game, well if you don’t enjoy to do all the work alone use: :wink:

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There’s a very small spot of iron ore under the northern part of the Shattered Bridge, just where you can pick up the “Submissive” emote. It’s enough to get enough iron bars to craft a Forge and then craft an iron pick and and an iron weapon. The iron spot in F5 is home of some rocknoses that must be killed to get all the iron. The drawback of the spot in F5 is you must climb to reach it andsometimes there’s 2 or 3 rocknoses after you that attack as soon as you reach the top. At a low level
There’s another spot just in G5, just below Dustdevil Ridge, less iron but still enough to become over encumbered. And less rocknoses that could be taken one by one easily. Closer, just south of the Summoning place, there’s a spot to gather coal.

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once you get to level 50 (with the help of flawless armor) you can mine mounds/gods claw. you will get 20,000 ore (10,000 bars,2000 steel) in one 30 minute run. Crafting will take longer, but if you get a path and strategy down, you can go thrall hunting while that smelts etc. The best part is there are multiple ways to craft, build, and fight on the game. Find the most fun way for you.

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Just go along the Noob River (Northern bank) and you’ll find enough Iron nodes to make yourself Iron weapons and tools. There are some Coal nodes too. It’s too dangerous to go to the Tower of Bats with only a stone weapon.

I know people use it loosely but you guys are awesome and literally life savers lol. I’ll hit the River until I can make that trek to the Tower of Bats.

Big thanks again for the replies!

When you do craft the Lesser Wheel of Friendship–err, Pain–the best “fuel” is going to be gruel. Cook plant fiber & seeds. The higher tier your new employee is, the longer it will take to convert him/her, so it may require A LOT of gruel.

Also: best location I’ve found for iron is a long strip along the cursewall just south-ish of Sepermeru. Just follow the western cursewall until you’re almost due west of the Unnamed City; you’ll come across a large grouping of iron & coal nodes. Follow that path around the corner to the left, and it opens into a valley, the left side of which is lousy with iron & coal. Build yourself a furnace there (because ingots weigh less than ore) and go to work. There aren’t really any enemies around, and Sepermeru is nearby if you need water or a sandstorm threatens.

Hey there Genesis. Odds are that at this point you either have or are about to leapfrog their usefulness, but just in case, there is another weapon style in the River area which will grant you stronger weapons than Stone, until you are ready to start working Iron.

At coordinates E,4 on the north bank of the river, near the base of a tall stone pillar, you can find the recipe for Dafari Weapons. Stronger than Stone weapons, doesnt cost any Feat points to unlock, great for helping newer exiles such as yourself get on their feet. Here is a video showing its location, just interact with the jawbone you see using the □ button.

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