Questions about thralls

What is your best way to knock out thralls?
I use a shield and the truncheon (obviously), but I noticed that i need to time my hits according to theirs. This means that I take the thrall attack with my shield and hit him/her as a reaction a second later. I’m lvl 45 but last night managed to knock down Alchemist tier III. I guess for tier IV I can use the same tactic.

Did u try to drag two thralls at a time?
I tried once but it takes really long time and there is a big chance u can loose both if not get to your wheel of pain in time

How thralls level up?

Is there a way to ressurect a thrall while his body is on the ground?

I use truncheons + shield, usually I stay in block position with the shield, than if I’m able to block the thrall’s attack I’ll perform a full light combo with the truncheon (repeating the process until he’s knocked down :stuck_out_tongue:).

Usually I have with me a fighter follower with truncheon too.

Obviously it’s difficoult to describe a tactic valid for each situation, because it depends if the thrall you want is alone or in a bunch of unwanted other peoples.

The one I described it’s just the one I use in 1vs1 after isolated my target from the rest of his companions.

I never tryed to drug 2 thralls at the same time, usually when I knock down a target I immediatly take him to my wheel, I hate to continuing raiding the city with an already needed thrall stunned because sometimes stunned peoples disappear.

For last 2 of your questions as far as I know they don’t level up (and that’s a part of the problem, in PvE and PvE-C how to manage outdated fighters and pets without being able of Killing them) and there is no way to resurrect them.

To give my companion a truncheon… this is what I was missing. Thanks!

It can be quite frustrating to try to knock down a T4 that has a spear, because the truncheon has less reach, in that case a companion with a truncheon is a must.
At least for an old guy like me, who regularly ties his fingers in a knot while fighting… :wink:

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Definately bring a thrall. I was lucky enough to lure a captain out of the main area and my tier 2 thrall and I knocked him out. Now he knocks out all of the other “Friends” I want to make.

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