T4 Hunting Techniques and Strategies

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Don’t you hate it when you find that rare Tier 4 thrall that you’ve been hunting for ages only to have your level 20 fighter kill them before you have a chance to switch out their weapon for a truncheon?

I always carry two truncheons and some bindings whenever I leave base just in case I find those rare thralls that will complete my collection. If I see that health bar with the golden border, I immediately turn and run away while spamming the button that tells my fighter thrall to move to target location. I do this until the NPCs stop chasing us and then I equip my thrall with a truncheon and take away his weapon. Then we go back in and I tell my thrall to target the T4 while I try and kill all the other NPCs while avoiding doing any damage to the T4.

Is this the best way to do it? How do you guys hunt for T4s? What techniques do you use to avoid killing them?


Another way is equip your thrall with the truncheon before entering the camp and have it club down everything while you take care of the mobs that cant be knocked down. After everything is done you kill the non T4s and drag the T4s to wheel :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends on what I have. I usually set my thrall to guard me and have the truncheon on them when entering NPC thrall spots. If the area is hostile (Mounds etc) then it just gets violent quickly. If it’s non-hostile (Sepamuru) then I have the thrall specifically attack the thrall I want. I sit back with my truncheon and my personnel killer and weed out the other NPC’s that go aggro.

Now if, by chance, you get Coup De Gras truncheon from the Judge on Siptah…your strategies change as that truncheon weeds out unworthy from the worthy (killing T1-3 but knocking out T4) so there is no need to switch for your thrall and I just load them with food and turn on the attack all…let him/her go to town while I pick up the pieces in the thrall’s wake.

Have you tried long-pressing E and telling your Follower to Stop?

It always works for me, but PvP players should be cautious with this one. Enemies will exploit it for a chance to crack your skull.


Wha…? Someone would take advantage of that? Why I would never…OK I would so do that.

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Just tap:
E to go somewhere or attack something specific (depending on mouse pointer).
EE to stop fighting and stay where they are until aggro’d again - this seems now to work in 2.7
EEE to return to you and resume their prior roll - this seems to still be partially broken in both 2.7 and testserv 2.8. They will almost always return but 25% of the time they will refuse to fight until they’re reset by something (like entering or exiting a Vault, etc.).

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That’s exactly what I do… In the tougher camps.

But lately, I have been doing the weaker camps. So I just load my Thrall up with the knock out boom and head in. I usually kill the npcs before my Thrall gets a hit in. Then when I see that yellow bar I let him do the work while I kill other nps.

So earlier today I decided to see just how often that dropped before I go killing oodles or hours in the attempt. So I loaded up test serve and with my character set to all defaults but in god mode. I spawned 100 Headless Judges at a time. I left my character at default because I also wanted to see what the most affective weapon against him was. Turns out it’s the 2H Hammer - hands down!!! No Contest!!! LOL. On the drops it wasn’t till the third set of 100 Judges that a Coup De Gras dropped. In another two sets, still nothing more. So in my little experiment it dropped just once in 500 judges. Oh my goodness…

BTW, it’s funny as hell to have a band of headless judges following you around and killing everything they come across. This is way better than UEBS!!! :smiley:

Just as an extra, I also concluded that a single Judge will win against any other NPC Boss in the game - no sweat! No contest! The Judge is #1

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I actually tend to only take a thrall into dungies or against bosses for this reason. I only start bringing thralls amongst npcs when I’m full up on T4s and dont need any more. Thralls with truncheons are a bit cheesy imo and I like the one-vs-crowd feel anyway.

I would agree if it were actually a fight. It doesn’t seem to be though.

  • Truncheon + Shield = No Damage

So, equipping a thrall with one too just makes it go a little faster.

Coup De Grace on your thrall and yourself.

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I just set them to do nothing, so I can order 'en to attack whenever/whoever I want.

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The easiest way I have found is to toggle on enemy health plates, T4 thralls will have a golden border. Run through a camp without your thrall, killing nothing, just run through and watch the nameplates. If there are no T4, grab your thrall and kill it all. If you do find a T4 just make sure to reequip him with a truncheon before you reach that part of the camp.

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Dunno, those two are friends and won’t fight. Even when they accidentally hit each other there’s no damage. Against the same boss (like WingedDeath) The Judge seems to kill more of them faster than the Arena Champ - but it’s fairly close. Rounding off everything:

  • 1AC vs 12WD: AC Wins with 35% health remaining in 11min.
  • 1HJ vs 12WD: HJ Wins with 40% health remaining in 9 min.

From a player’s perspective it may just depend which you’re better at defending against, pike or mace. And if I take on 10 of each all at once they die at about the same rate:

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Nice find in the hammer. Possi ly may need to check, but I bet it is the ap and sunder. Judge may have a huge damage reduction, liken98% I bet. By stacking sunder, it may remove that almost completely

I’m kinda getting OT yet again but…

Good ol Feroxic :slight_smile:

I use no thralls… Takes a bit more time to clear a camp/city, but i never killed a named i wanted to capture…

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On official serves two things, a cheap bow and blunt arrows, leave you r thrall at home and climb up on something and plunk away. Takes about 35 arrows to take any of them out.

Modded server two words : Stun Bow

We have every kind of bonking device made, do not use them any more.

Thrall that has high or 100% chance but is not close obelisk. Take bed roll build small hut with chest. Build map room as well. Store armor, bow blurted arrows Chechen and bearen thrall.

So after u knock out thrall out, put your armor and weapons in chest. I use thrall gather resupplies enter map room place thrall close by obelisk.