Question - How to KO a thrall in a PURGE?

Hi all, I have played some time and survived several purges, but none T4 thralls I was able to capture.

If I hide behind my army, they kill them quicker than I can save them with my truncheon.
If I get ahead of my army, I get swamped by enemies and die.

What do you guys do about it?
I don’t want to miss valuable blacksmiths or armorers any more!

Thank you

Get thralls on passive and use them to tag every mob there is so you can move them away from thrall you want to knock down. Then you just use trunceon and that’s about it. It takes some practice but that’s the way i do it.

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Give your tanks truncheons and your archers blunt arrows. Not sure if it is a bug or working as intended, but my followers have been knocking out thralls very easily since the update. I noticed my concussion bonus was 180% and my follower gets a boost from that. I think they made it way too easy to KO thralls now.

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OK, if I understand it correctly -

  1. equip everybody with blunt weapon
  2. they will KO all human enemies but leave animals and bosses alone
  3. I deal with animals and bosses
  4. I also clean up all unwanted enemies on the floor but bind T4 only
    Sounds alright

I believe that was because now we must sacrifice a lot of people :sweat_smile:.

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