Getting Iron Bars without Thralls

How do you get Iron bars when you have no thralls?

Look for safe places that are not guarded by enemies, there’s many spots like that, if you gonna get chased by rocknose just run and try another spot.

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Ok but I don’t see how that helps getting iron bars.

Mine ironstone, put it to furnance with some fuel (coal or wood) - it will become iron bar.

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but doesn’t that require a thrall’s help?

To get furnance: Furnace - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
Unlock blacksmith perk (requires 10 level), craft furnance with 500 stones.

No, it does not require thrall.


Ok. Thanks

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@Hulk10 ,If you play on exile lands take the path from abysmal obelisk to Sepermeru . It has to many iron nodes without a single danger , except sandstorm . Find a place and fix some furnaces there . At the time you wait the iron to be done go inside Sepermeru , it has a lot of chests with steel bars , thick hide and other goodies .
Another spot to farm tons of iron without a single danger is godsclaw passage . Yet to go there is a bit tricky , but we speak about the best iron farming spot of exile lands .

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Bad news, the godsclaw have mob now since the siptah update.

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Southwest to Unnamed city. That whole corner is filled with iron, coal and stone. Not a single fly in that area.

Oh really?? It’s been awhile since I played in the old map. Might just do a sp run for it, just for funsies

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