Another newb Q. Making steel bars

To make steel bars you need 2 steel reinforcements.

But to make steel reinforcements you need 2 steel bars.

This is a circle.

What am I missing?

Is there another way to make one of these components that I’m not seeing?



I didn’t see an Alchemist station when I searched in game, but I’ll look again.

What lvl is it unlocked?

I’m lvl 31.


I’m sorry, but I didn’t know that I needed steelfire, as the recipes in the Blacksmith bench never mentioned it.

I wish I was clairvoyant like you seem to be.

Thanks for helping.

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Ask crom or @Croms_Faithful cause I’m still with set and flesh is stronger that secret


You silly stygians ^ and your snake…Yog is the answer


I did, but there seems to be a TON of old, outdated info.

For example, on PS4 (might be true on PC. IDK) there is no Alchemist Bench now. We need to use the Firebowl Cauldron.

I apologize. I thought you were one of those people that always say, “Google it newb”, instead of just providing the answer.

There’s just so much old info that’s no longer true, so its worthless.

Its all good.

Thanks again.

the conan exiles wiki seems to be mostly up to date, though it is more so for the pc version than console. Hopefully it will be more relevant once 2.3 parity patch lands on consoles.


until then, steelfire crafted in fire bowl cauldron. take steelfire and iron bar to the smelter and cook into steel bar

hardened steel, iirc, will require black ice, brimstone, and steel bar (in the smelter).



I totally see what you mean by it being a full time effort.

Thanks for the advice.


This helps.

I’m trying to make Argossean foundations.

That’s why I need the Steel Reinforcements.

I looked online for the places to farm Brimstone, I just hope I’m not under leveled to farm at those spots.

Thanks again.

several caves have brimstone (low-mid lvl) nodes and the shattered springs (mid-high lvl) has lots of harvestable rock spires (need a sandstorm mask to survive there, and beware the 3-skull rot branch there).
or, go swimming along the river in and around the jungle. look for underwater spires of rock, perhaps with bubbles. yellow rocks around the base = brimstone. that’s available at any level.
There should be various videos on the subject. Wak4863 and Firespark81 are prolific video channels with guides and tutorials.

Lol. That’s good.

I went to Gallamans Tomb, I killed all the crocs, but then there was something huge at the end and I didn’t think I could take it out. Lol

I’ll take IPL’s advice and look at the underwater spots.

I just watched Firespark’s video on farming Brimstone, and he used the same tomb I just talked about.

I walked right past all the Brimstone, because I didn’t see anything that looked different from the stone walls etc. Its just a little more yellow color I guess.

I guess I’ll go BA k and get to farming!

Oh dont worry @Gloatingtomb6, Croms_Faithful knows a little something about the secret of steel. :wink: SirGreenDay as you are a console player like myself, we are still operating on the old crafting system (a number of recipes have been shuffled around on benches for PC now).

To make Steel: create ‘steelfire’ at the Firebowl Cauldron, it is made using tar & brimstone. Next, take your steelfire and put it in the Furnace with your iron bars, then start the burn. Done! Hopefully I have remembered correctly, as Ive not had to make it for some time now.

*note: if you are a high enough level, you can loot a large number of steel bars by clearing out New Asgaard in the Highlands biome.

This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to get steel IMO. By the time I’ve cleared the camp the enemies are starting to respawn and you can start again.

Edit: I’m on official so the grind for tar/iron/brimstone makes it very tedious. If your on a private server with boosted harvest it may be better to farm and smelt your steel.

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Is that pc or console bud? I don’t believe we have that option on console yet?

Lol Yeah it’s an option to transform a steel reinforcement back to steel but that’s it on consoles. If he’s got bulk steel reinforcements to transform back to steel than I don’t think he’d be asking for help here about it. I imagine you’re referring to the ability to transform iron reinforcement into steel reinforcements and than back to steel. Not possible on console yet.

I’ll bet it does!! It’s been like at least a year or more since any of my picks where used in anger on iron nodes lol :joy: the updates will bring a breath of fresh air to the game. Not looking forward to the changes to ichor though. From what I hear you can only farm it from a few select creatures. No more cooking prawns for easy ichor farm :pensive:

Firebowl Caulran is the alchemist station.

re: ichor
several creatures are sources of ichor post update. komodo and salamanders along the river are a relatively easy source. not as easy as cooking unsavory fish and shrimp, but more experience.

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Watch the videos of @Wak4863 on YouTube m8 and all your questions will be answered :wink: . Or ask a guy with my nickname on 3728 who’s character name is Bella , Farm & Build and I believe that he will help you :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: . Welcome to the forum m8