Why does it take 6 iron to make 1 Steel

When you make steel you’re adding something to the iron not taking something away from it you should be getting one extra bar every so often depending on the size that the bars are supposed to be in game not losing 5 iron every time you make 1 Steel as someone who works with metal I should know


i figure it trought farming at frozen north where evryone drops steel
but you have point it looks weird 5 iron for 1 steel, but maybe its cus balance cus at late game u get infinite steal otherwise, its still limited by stelfire wich is pain to made

Let’s assume the mining and refining techniques available means the vast majority of the “iron” isn’t strong/pure/good enough to make steel? Not physically accurate perhaps, but it’s an easily understandable abstraction for a necessary game mechanic.

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i loocked at wiki and quora and find that ironstone is betwen 42-73% iron, as reference is used 62/63%
and steel is 95% iron
to get 1 ton of steel u need 1,5-1,8 tons of iron

in reality u should be able crete steel, same way as hardnerd steel, 1:1

its mostly just removing some carbon

its not much scientific answer, but i cant find better explanation

I am with Mikey on this, we have to assume in conan’s era, smelting, refininig and metalurgy in general was not as advanced. That, combined with what Zajczev said, seems to balance the crafting table. Otherwise, it would be fairly easy to obtain steel. I don’t know if this would unbalance the game itself, but I think it’s all right as it is now, it’s not like iron is hard to come by really.

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Yeah the limiting factor in my steel production cycle is never the amount of iron, it’s the steelfire. Which again is limited because I don’t have an easy source of brimstone near my chosen base, and I’m too lazy to go on actual brimstone harvesting trips very often. Which is fine, it’s my choice to do so or not, after all.

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The only problem with that is the refining process is already done by the time you’ve turned it into an iron bar because all you have to do to make iron into steel is add carbon to it which means you really should be using coal but either way you should be getting more Steel for iron

But ignoring how much irons actually required to make a steel bar why does it take steelfire to make steel which requires Brimstone and tar when it only takes Brimstone to make hardened steel is it just me or does that seem backwards to anyone else since again all you would be doing is adding more carbon it would just make more sense to make steel with brimstone and hardened steel with steel fire

You have a point there. Hardened steel requiers steel and brimstone, while steel requires iron, brimstone and tar (to create steelfire). Two components versus three, which doesn’t seem quite logical in terms of materials cost. It really doesn’t seem any problem to do it the way it is right now, but yes, there you have a point. I wonder what the devs reasoning was behind the mats system for this.

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