Switch Hardened Steel and Steel recipes

Make steel 2 iron and 1 brimstone to make, and hardened steal 2 Steel and Steelfire (or even 5 steel) to make. Makes more sense, and the games kinda turning into a steel grind.


I support this doesn’t make much sense to me that hardened steel is a significantly less involved process than normal steel.

The grind is real for steel, it’s pretty much all we do now is run for iron, then run for brimstone, then run for skins, then wait… And wait… And wait…

Come on guys - this game showldn’t be as easy as possible. 60lvl, 41+9 points on encumbrance, 30 on survival and rest on grid/strength/vitality and you can grind 17k+ iron ore for less than 20 min, put this on 6 improved furnace with T3 thralls, spend another 30 min on having 4000 hides and some brimstone and and viola - you have 1800-2000 steel with let’s say 1,5h of grind and one night. To have 1000 hardened steel is another less than 20 min of grind and waiting some time (if you left if for the night you will not gonna see when it’s done. :slight_smile:
Just organize your time/work and will have enough from anything you need in no time. Steal some T4 thralls from your enemies and everything will be produced even faster.

Agreed and very good suggestion.

Yeah great, this isn’t my job this is how I relax. Most people I would hazard to say are not putting the ridiculous amount of time into this game as you obviously are. More to the point, he is not asking to make it easier, just put it in a more logical tier order. Which makes sense.

I know that making steel is literally the thing that keeps me from going to t3 buildings.

I play on a PvE server the only difference that matters between t1, t2, t3 is how it looks I have iron reinforcements coming out my ears, I am not wasting the steel I can make on walls.

However switching the recipes around so that it is just iron and brimstone to make steel and yeah I totally would, I mean I can make hardened steel tools, but I still use iron as steel is just a pain to make rather use it for weapons and get my steel that way.

Honestly they could require more iron per bar more brimstone, whatever I’d be cool with it. The idea in most games is that as you progress with materials the process becomes more and more hands on. That’s the exact opposite of the case with steel in this game.

We go from stone… To bake some bricks. To ironstone, now forge or, now make iron reinforcements and bricks with some paste on them, to…
go get iron, okay now get hides, okay now make tar, okay now get brimstone, OK now make steel fire, okay now forge steel, okay now turn it into reinforcements, or whatever…

to add some brimstone to steel. Tada you’re at highest cradtable mats.

So illogical in progression that isn’t not even enjoyable.

It was okay for a while, gives you something to do… But now it’s just tedious and mind-numbing tbh
Tediousness is never a ‘fun’ thing, and it’s far from a challenge. As previously stated. This is a game, not a job.

Great idea, it also makes more sens that you would need steelfire to make harden steel.