Steel reinforcement change

So maybe I am not getting it but you can now make a steel reinforcement with one steelfire and an iron reinforcement, verses using one steel bar. One steel bar costs 5 iron bars and a steelfire. one Iron reinforcement costs one iron bar. The old option is still there…not sure which one to choose…and why not put the iron reinforcement recipe in the new workstation? Do we REALLY have to keep both workstations just to make iron reinforcements?

Note: This is a “T3+ blacksmith” bonus recipe.

(post initially said T4 - corrected as per below)

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Is it? I thought this was one of the new benches?

Nope. Not that I can see, anyhow. I’d love to be wrong of course…


There go my hopes… I could’ve sworn I read it somewhere in the flurry of posts about 2.1 patch, back when it was still “upcoming”, instead of clusterf-- I mean, live :wink:

It looks like I misremembered, but I’ll wait until I’m done with work and I can play, to confirm it. Because I’m a stubborn cuss who prefers to trust but verify :smiley:

Before 2.1 it had been a PURGE T4 recipe, now it’s just a T4 recipe.


Ohhhhh. THAT explains it! Thanks, man :slight_smile:

I am making steel reinforcement with T3 blacksmith.

From an iron reinforcement and a steel fire? Granted I didn’t test that, so just asking.

u can now do it with a t3 thrall, u dont even need a t4, tested on siptah 100% sure


That’s good news. I’ll try to catch me one of those :skull_and_crossbones:

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