New blacksmith benches; reinforcements

iit is not possible to craft reinforcements with the the new blacksmith benches

Reinforcements are the only items made in the blacksmith bench that you want to craft fast and in higher quantitiys. If that is not possible with the new benches they are useless.


As soon as you have access to a Tier 3 or higher blacksmith you can craft them with a different recipe, that requires iron reinforcements and steelfire. Now, this still means you need a Tier 1 or better Tier 2 crafting bench for those. But it reduces the cost to essentially 1 Iron bar 1 Steelfire instead of 5 iron bars 1 steelfire, and also no fuel.

It will take a while untul my t4 blacksmith is ready then i will check. But it doesnt make sense to me if i still need the improved blacksmith bench to craft iron reininforcements before i can craft steel reinfocements in teh garrison blacksmith bench. thats weird.

i really hope they fix this bug because right now i cant make these without spending double the resources

So this means, you can craft 1 steel bar for 1 iron bar instead of 5 iron bar by just using the steel reinforcement recipe… then… just dismantle the steel reinforcement back to a steel bar?

The workaround is to keep the old T2 improved blacksmith bench until the issue is fixed.

Yes you still need the improved blacksmith bench. I put a T4 Blacksmith into the new T3 bench and the only advantage he brings is the recipe for crafting steel reinforcements out of iron reinforcements
In my opinion the system is completely unbalanced.

I haven’t dismantled those in years but presumably, yes.

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