Another newb Q. Making steel bars

This croc isn’t so bad. Try using daggers and backflip and you will see him bleeding to death without ever hitting you (pro tip: place a bedroll at the entrance of the cave :slight_smile: ). Note that the other big crocs in the world are stronger than he is though.

Is that pc or console bud? I don’t believe we have that option on console yet?

I wish i knew… as i said it’s really a full time job to keep track of all changes…

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Lol Yeah it’s an option to transform a steel reinforcement back to steel but that’s it on consoles. If he’s got bulk steel reinforcements to transform back to steel than I don’t think he’d be asking for help here about it. I imagine you’re referring to the ability to transform iron reinforcement into steel reinforcements and than back to steel. Not possible on console yet.

Ok good to know. I hope you guys get update soon! Seriously transforming iron to steel on a 1:1 ratio changes the way you think of steel…

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I’ll bet it does!! It’s been like at least a year or more since any of my picks where used in anger on iron nodes lol :joy: the updates will bring a breath of fresh air to the game. Not looking forward to the changes to ichor though. From what I hear you can only farm it from a few select creatures. No more cooking prawns for easy ichor farm :pensive:

You’ll have to kill spiders! Everyone enjoys killing spiders :slight_smile:
(Much more than hitting at rocks anyways…)

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The chests in Sepermeru (about 15 hidden on rooftops) are a nice source of steel and heavy leather.
You can also find hardened steel weapons and an occasional star metal ore.

Firebowl Caulran is the alchemist station.

re: ichor
several creatures are sources of ichor post update. komodo and salamanders along the river are a relatively easy source. not as easy as cooking unsavory fish and shrimp, but more experience.

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Watch the videos of @Wak4863 on YouTube m8 and all your questions will be answered :wink: . Or ask a guy with my nickname on 3728 who’s character name is Bella , Farm & Build and I believe that he will help you :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: . Welcome to the forum m8