Horrible grind to 50

What am I doing wrong? It seems very slow… am I not doing enough crafting or what? Seems like I only level up now by grinding through npc camps.

When the game launched you could get to level 60 in 10 hours or less, by exploring and completing journey steps, so they nerfed xp for discovering locations.

But it’s still the fastest way to level up, don’t waste your time crafting for xp. Just run around the biomes finding locations and completing journey steps, if you want to level up faster.

For me the gap between level 50 and 60 went very quickly, But I spent much of my playtime trying to level up slowly, because I heard from some EA players how dull the game can get at level 60.
I’ve found they were correct.

Whats the rush to get to level 60…

I usually find the best way to level up when you hit the 40’s is to craft tier 3 strucutres, typically foundations give you the most. I believe once you can build vaults this gives you a tonne of XP. Get yourself a named armourer or carpenter and build the vaults (50% cheaper), place them down and dismantle…repeat. That should see you the rest of the way in no time.

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2-3 days of 2-3 hours a day can easily get you mid 40s on official severs and power players can make 60 in that time. XP does not need a buff.

Day one use a good map to visit all the poi on the map. Day 2 work journal quests. Just those 2 steps will get you mid 30s to low 40s on official servers. After that, grind npc camps and craft your way to 60. Little things like always having steelfire and steel reinforcements cranking while you are farming/grinding helps a lot.

The biggest mistake players who want to level quickly make is stopping to build a base. The XP you get from making t1/t2 block is not an efficient way to grind.

Also, you are pvp viable in the 40s and pvp competitive in the 50s. Many a fully spec’d and geared level 60 player has fallen to a determined level 40s foe.

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Although not huge XP, one way to have a constant stream is to have a T2+ Smith and make Steel reinforcements (1 steel per reinforcement)…then break them down to Steel and repeat.

I’m not in a rush to 60… my project is to build the t3 altar, which requires 50 :wink:

Like most games these days leveling is a joke, how anyone can find most games released in the last ten years or more hard is beyond me. Hey you discovered a bush!!! Here’s a third of a level!!!

I’m already at level 48 and I don’t feel like I’ve even done anything, I have not left the starter zone desert area yet, I mostly just build stuff to see what I can do and just started collecting thralls to see what they do. Seems like every time I find a camp of mobs sitting around their tents I ding a level.

People these days would have lost their mind playing DAOC when it started, took me 6 months of decidedly non-casual play, usually in groups(which are no longer needed in modern games), just to hit max level. Die once and you could lose hours worth of grinding,

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Mounds NPCs give good exp. Volcano NPCs give great exp. There are ways to kill lots of NPCs quickly but I dare not post it and beg for nerfs.

This guy has the right idea. I moped around in the mid 30s just doing things while my friends powered to 60. It was lots of fun.

Journeys and grinding Asgard will easily get you to 44 with in 5-6 hours. After that snap making vaults and destroy them, then remake. Lots of resources necessary when starting off but the xp is worth it.

Journey Steps and discovering locations to level 30.

Then add to the above crafting foundations ( T2 is ok but T3 is much better ) to level 44.

Level 44 > 60: Put a T4 thrall ( armorer,blacksmith or carpenter ( maybe others work im not sure ) in the Artisans Bench. Make vaults place them then dismantle. You will recover over 70% of your mats as the T4 thrall makes the vault at 50% of the cost.

As other posters have said there is no rush unless your catching up with clan mates to assist them in raids.

Grinding NPC camps is a great way to level up, if you are going to craft try crafting the high end T3 things like black ice construction, I leveled to 60 in a little over a week. I crafted a ton though, and the high end things are worth decent xp.

This is not an MMO

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