Exp gaining after patch

Hi everyone!) I stared to play at new server and don’t know how to get 60 faster after the latest patch. I discovered all map and 80% of journey and I only 45lvl) Can someone tell me that?)

Yes exp was nerfed in a patch a couple days ago. Keep fighting and building, you’ll hit 60 pretty quick.

1 hour of grinding get to me 30-35% XP…

Build reinforced stone (but do not do it from hotbar) and you will hit 60 really fast

Vaults, Greater wheel of pain also give a lot of exp. You can reduce amount of resources needed for vault by half if you have T4 armorer/smith in artasan workbench and if you place it and destroy it, you will get back 33% of base resources. Net loss is ~17% from base cost.

Too many people were complaining that it was easy to hit level 60 in 1-2 days and then were also complaining there was nothing to do and no endgame.

Xp for exploring the points of interest was nice but along with the stamina bug it was easily abused by running around the whole map gaining a ridiculous about of xp.

You can’t win :joy:

Fast leveling was fine because you needed only your legs. But now new players will leave the game because its impossible to survive and get 60 without good base. And bases can be destroing every day by 60lvl players

The real problem is there is no way to tell how old a server is. If players knew there were servers out there that started a day ago or that day or even a week ago, they could know where to go where there isn’t a large amount of lvl 60s and have a chance at being competitive

Then having it take a half a week to a week to get to 60 wouldn’t matter at all.

Really wish there was a better alternative to leveling up, sure exploration was ‘‘OP’’
but you could easily get a new server and level up/build back up again, now it’s just demoralizing to do this all over again.

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