Exploration exp nerf - I seriously dont want to play this game any more

Get like zero exp for exploring now. WAS a fun way to grind exp that I thoroughly enjoyed. But as stated, exploration is now completely and utterly pointless. All because some basement commandos could hit 60 in 6 hours. Thanks for punishing those of us who play the game normal.


As I recall exploration is how I got 95% of my levels…and I still haven’t seen all the places…just hit 60 the other day…it was still fun to explore…some places give more xp than others I noticed.

The thing is that it can only be considered “exploring” on your first character. Any character after your first one its just fast leveling to 60 by hitting all of the different parts on the map. Has there ever been another game that gave exp just for hitting different parts of the world map? That’s not really playing the game, is it? It would make more sense if there were chests throughout the map that one could find through exploration and open and get treasure or the random exp boost potion, but that’s not really the case in Conan Exiles.


The exp given for exploring was too high, I managed to get 1-60 in the first 48 hours on an official server by just running around naked and following a completed map.

If anything they should increase the exp from crafting to make up for the shortfall, I have gained hardly any experience from crafting thousands of t2 structures for my base.


Yeah it WAS too high but they let all the basement commandos hit 60 in 2 days then removed any hope of normal players catching up.

This nerf has 0 effect on those already at 60.


I don’t think it is fair to call us ‘basement commandos’ XD I heard that exploration was the fastest way to level up so I took time away from actually ‘playing’ the game to explore, level up and scout base locations. Everyone has the same amount of time to use this method for levelling, it’s not our fault you were out killing rabbits while we were efficient. :+1:t2:


This game is going to be a roller coaster if they keep making decisions like this and it will run off a portion of the player base.


indeed extremely BAD IDEA… again…You cant just change fundamental game mechanics like this… This clearly gave HUGE advantage to everyone who knew exploring is the best way, and every raider, troll or simply “educated” player knew that… This is heavy strike for Official PvP server since every new player is now in great disadvantage.

BTW… exploration should have never been done like this at first place… WTF?! we had over 1 year of EA where developers could figure out this “bugs”… I remember back then when there was no exploration and you had to lvl up by killing, farming, crafting - i was SO happy when i hit lvl 30, SO SO HAPPY! And now everyone can farm legendary weapons just like that, so it is not legendary at all… but straight forward easy S**T. No need to go for dragon bone, obsidian, black ice or what ever…, Hit 60, exploit some boss, get your legendary a happy hunting for resources from lower lvls…

So… official servers are ready for next wipe i guess… thanks god i play at private…


Completly agree, players in my clan Levelled up quick by exploring while i stayed “home” and made the bases and not even hit lvl 50 yet. I don’t mind to much as i think building is one of the better aspects of this game :slight_smile:

It’s good thing, it would stop alt accounts since liking be pain now. But game would played a lot better if exp was a lot slower. By speed liking cuts out half content.

Most people complain is all ready 60 lvl anyways which won’t effect them at all.

I think he’s actually complaining that the ‘basement commandos’ have more time on their hand to play games and could therefore spend a lot of time in the game in the first week - before the nerf - to explore everything and get lvl 60, while he couldn’t play the game as much and hence isn’t lvl 60 in the same way.

So it boils down to him complaining he doesn’t have as much time to play the game as many others and that the nerf hits the “casual” players more unfairly… to some extent can agree on that, but I’m also rolling my eyes over people complaining that those who can play it 24/7 in the first week have an advantage over players like me who can play 2-3 hours at night. xD
In an online game setting, that’s always going to happen… he should play single player campaign if he can’t handle competition.


People had 15days to use method that basically took 6hours to get to level 60, there is no excuse for not being 60 by the time they BALANCED exploration xp.

the xp for exploring did seem a bit daft when there are so many places to explore!! and in pvp you are going to have to explore to find other players… it did make ‘endgame’ far too easy to attain. I got to 60 with around 36 hours play - a mixture of exploring, building and bosses and I didn’t make any effort to level up fast and i didn’t feel it was anything like a grind… I still haven’t found everything on map or killed all the bosses or found all the legendary stuff… Ark on the other hand was a massive time sink to max out.

POI xp was broken and needed to be fixed. Better sooner than later. The fact that you did not get to abuse it does not change the fact that it needed to be fixed. Leveling is still pretty easy and players can be pvp competitive when they reach the 40s if they know what they are doing. Enjoy the game and levels will come.


I personally would prefer that there is NO experience points awarded for just running around the map and putting locations on the map. I am fine with the EXILES JOURNEY, but I should not get XP just because I put DUST DEVIL RIDGE on the map.

If/When we reset our private dedicated server, I am going to check to see if I can turn off that XP gaining method.

As a SURVIVAL game, I prefer to really work for the XP through hunting/slaying/crafting.

That is just my 2 copper pieces! :moneybag: :moneybag:


I will have to agree with you, now those that made it to level 60 of course they will say it was the right move so they can act like the “Alpha” of the servers knowing the rest now won’t easily catch up to them, thankfully however most players on my server are helpful and make accessible bridges and elevators or at least neutral and don’t block areas or claim ridiculous large amount of land.

LVL 30 was The Age of Steel… a massive jump in the survival life style! But Saturday I started in a PvE-C server with no explo xp and just reached lvl 31 yesterday, the Journey helps A LOT!

My char on my main server is lvl 59.75 so it’s not a huge deal, found another way to fast level but I dare not call upon the Gods to nerf it lol. I’m all for a wipe so everyone can level the same, but this would not be fair to those who already have black ice forts because they put in the time to grind all those resources regardless.

It didn’t actually take that long, that’s the thing. Already had a few people on #1824 level to 60 and delete their character it was so fast.