Exploration exp nerf - I seriously dont want to play this game any more

Really could use something else to level up, this is just boring to level up now, there already tons of people lvl 60 and you can’t catch up to them now.


^^ The real problem. Miss week 1? Enjoy spending 4 weeks to accomplish what took other people 1 day.

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The exploration XP used to be bonkers in alpha. Then it got nerfed in update 33 I believe. I guess something went wrong and they accidentally reverted the exploration XP nerf to live patch, which they then apparently have fixed again.

Still too fast in my opinion. I do adjust the Kill XP to 2.5 so that actually ‘doing’ something gives some good XP. It has taken since release to get to level 60…and I STILL think it is TOO fast.

I am an Old School Hardcore gamer and levelling was slow but there was a point in levelling…not just running around and out sprinting enemies while smoldering the ground to level 60 quickly. Funcom should have never given that ‘Cookie’ in the first place.

Now…there COULD be a compromise. :smiley: I, and many others, 100% understand the PvP server portion. So why not enable it on PvP servers and Not on PvE Server/SP/Co-Op? Now THAT is balance. Should be simple to implement as well.

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Oh come on it was broken as all hell.You could start a new character and have it to 60 in two days by nude running and basic journeys.

Quit whining and play the game…we have tons of real issues to gripe about!

Experience should be doubled on killing things and making some stuff. It is pretty hard to level now.

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I’ve been playing normal for about two weeks, and only got to about level 30. What I mean by normal is budiling my base, doing a bit of exploring, and basically acting like I’m Robinson Crusoe.


I sooo agree. I have barely explored anything. Just went balls deep in center of the map, been building. 140hours in, not been to 1 dungeon lol.

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Building T3 it’s granting a good amount of xp.

I am clearly doing something wrong in this game. I have been playing for more than a week, usually 2-3 hours per night and I am only level 33. I did not know about the exploration thing, oh well… to late now. I keep trying to collect mats and build up steel so I can make a t3 shack but it takes so long for me to make steel. Any tips on how to grow my levels faster?

T3 structures are at lvl 30 I think.

You need to get 3 furnace with T3 smelters, 2 blacksmith benches with T3 bs, 2 cauldrons with T3 alchemist, 1 tanner with a T3 tanner and 1 carpenter bench with a T3 carpenter. Get any bearer, doesn’t matter the lvl, just for the bag (head slot) + the light set for more encumbrance and apply the “Armor Reduction Kit” for all the pieces.
I use to make my 1st base next to The Black Galeon, it’s a crowded place, you can find easy iron, stone and coal, down and up river you can find wood, in one sweep at the galeon you can get lots of skin and bark and T3-4 thralls.
The Brimstone it’s more tricky, there’re two caves in a mountain next to the Mitra Temple (the one up the East river), in thir caves you’ll have brim, lots of iron and, of course, some little spiders. Careful cose the 2 caves are connected and deep down there’s a undead werewolf and some skeletons.

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Why not PVP responsibly… With any MMO there’s going to be some disparity and gaps. not every has the same schedule or dedication. Not every level 60 is going to be an utter ■■■-hat, and cut down every newb that enters. ( lose server life that way) I’m sure many groups can split up and take in low to mid levels on each side… or give some leeway at the least.

Thanks for the tips, do the thralls make it so there is less material cost? Ive just captured my first thrall yesterday. he is a cook. Can I use him on my cauldron? only level 2 thrall… I am near new asgaurd and I have built an elevator to the desert camp below the ancient ruins. I am hoping to get some good thralls from both of those camps. Does t3 thrall make a major difference over t2?

Tweak these to balance them to each other however you like:

Then, use this one to affect them ALL as a master slider:

The T3 are way better, but you can’t ride elevators with a captured thrall.
They do speed up the process and spend less material.
You can use de cook in the cauldron.

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I agree totally.
I think all exp has been nerfed. Or is broken.
In the last 2 days I’ve killed a monster croc, and a giant scorpion and my bar barely moved a mm.
I am lvl 57 but I thought I’d get something.
I get more exp killing demon dogs at the stinkhole.

I wrote off playing this game basically. I occasionally log into single player for a few minutes to see if I want to play and so far I don’t.

This is the type of game that hurts itself by nature of design. New players are at a disadvantage in a survival game period. When leveling in a survival game is a long grind it just drags out the suffering of a new player getting wrecked by established players…which will be 90% of everyone you come in contact with.

I suppose it will make “Hardcore” survival PvP players happy but I would say those people are the minority. Not to mention the Hardcore PvP player population tend to move as soon as the next “hardcore PvP” game comes along.

I’m not sure what their long term model looks like but if it has anything to do with paid expansions or even an in-game store they will need player retention.

IMO they should have left XP alone because this type of game should be a swift leveling experience, just long enough to learn the ropes.

The best of this game is at max level and everything up to that point after the first couple hours is essentially a grindy drag with a heavy splash of griefing…

Funcom essentially just extended the lame part and made the fun part farther away…seems like a bad move.


I was disappointed to find this out as well. All youtube guides suggest exploration as good means up xp all the way through late May. It’s been really hard to gain levels trying to catch up to the 60s. Currently 33 and journal sometimes bugs and killing doesn’t give great xp so I have to craft a do specific things that I may not want or take forever just to gain xp. Like craft table or such if I don’t need one. Wish the grind would go quicker so I can concentrate of base building and fortification and killing bosses and such.

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There is a lot of hamburger helper in this game.