Conan Exiles Wasted Experience

For some context, I was working on a private server of my own along with some single player testing and I’ve come across a peculiar thing; Experience you get doesn’t necessarily add up 100%. Say, for instance, you’re level 1, you, by some miracle, kill a foe that grants you 9k experience. That, for all intents and purposes, should set you to level 6, partway to 7, but it doesn’t. It instead sets your level to 2, 99.999% to 3, 750 total experience. You’re out 8250 experience. I know this is actually hard-coded in the base game to prevent power leveling from early levels into later levels, but is there any way a smooth leveling option could be added that removes the restrictions of no more than two level ups per instance of experience?

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I kinda think you answered your own question. That said, powerleveling with the help of high-level friends is probably still possible. I never participated on either side of that equation so I have no practical experience with it - but I believe it’s still doable.

It does of course feel like a bummer if you, as you describe, manage something truly heroic and don’t feel like you get full value for money.

That said, early levels are so easy and fast to get that it doesn’t seem like a big deal, at least on x1. YMMV if you play on x0.25 or something like that.


Welcome to the community.
Like @Mikey said this game has it’s own ways to lvl up fast. Every system has it’s ups and downs in every single game. I remember when I started the game at lvl 35 I killed 3 crocks bosses and I didn’t lvl up. Then I opened the dictionary, understood what “dye an item” is, did it and I lvl up :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So, do most of the journey steps you can.
Travel without companion all around the map but place bedrolls in every chance you have.
Climb towers and peaks, or watch YouTube to know exactly what is worth to climb.
Take all the obelisks and all the knowledge you can get from the game.
Start building at level 30+ in a spot you really loved on your journey.
Stay bold and brave but fleeing is sometimes the only option.
Welcome exile, have fun


Yes, and this is fine for 1-60, but if you play on a private server that adds more levels beyond 60 (Age of Calamitous goes to 120 for instance and/or Paragon Leveling which goes all the way to 300) it becomes problematic to award EXP for certain tasks done (Admin set up quests using pippi tools, etc) and you have to play with the progression settings to make EXP not feel like it’s wasted. And, as is, there’s no mod that allows you to bypass this limitation without either a lot of work.

Messing with progression or balance for the sake of mods is probably not going to fly.

But that’s as may be, and all up to Funcom in any case. At least it’s now a bit clearer what exactly you’re asking for and in which scenario the current system is not working for you.


That’s the thing, though, if I could just easily add a mod that goes around this, I wouldn’t be here asking for this setting.

That’s actually old school RPG (D&D specifically) rules, IIRC. So not surprising.

If we’re talking before 3rd or 3.5e, there’s a reason that rule was done away with in favor of more balanced experience.

I’ve actually run across reasons why you really, really wanted it.

If they’re niche (Party gets real lucky with their rolls and slays a foe beyond their means normally, a player draws that card from the deck of many things granting them 10k exp, etc), they’re not really valid reasons as they’re outliers. Also this is about Conan Exiles, not D&D. This discussion about D&D ends here, so unless you have something to say about my suggestion there’s nothing mroe to discuss with you.