Nerf to POI Experience will inevitably kill this game

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It’s a known fact that there are a number of issues with Conan Exiles - exploits ranging from max stats in all attributes to duping of explosives and equipment, lack of moderation to address extreme racism and harassment, and flat out bugs resulting in structures completely disappearing or players being randomly reset to nothing.

All of these issues are simply minor annoyances in a world where leveling is easy -

Being harassed on a particular server? Funcom Customer Support even acknowledges that the only way to address this is to move server.

“If the behavior of other players continues to be a persistent issue you may want to consider playing on another server.”

On a server where clans are abusing exploits? move to another server…

Basically - you could attempt to address all the existing issues by starting up again on a new server in hopes the community on that server was more mature and had more respect for the game/genre.

The POI experience nerf killed this completely. Funcom has basically taken no responsibility for all of the existing issues, instead putting the weight and burden of having to deal with these issues fully on the backs of the playerbase. Moving servers was not a big deal when you could level to 60 within 2-3 days of POI Exploration and Journey farming. Now - leveling is a grind, worst than most modern MMO’s, and the only real choice for anyone dealing with a bad situation is… to leave the game completely.

To put things in perspective - official server #1597 had one clan running around named No Asians, another clan Shady Nasty and their sister guild Nasty Shade constantly spamming chat with how Germans are the N-word of Europe… and wiping out bases, telling the server noone stood a chance as they were duping bombs and resources.

My 3 friends and I originally planned to simply move to a different server. The exp nerf hit the next day, we tested out the new exp… and now have simply quit the game.

Funcom, I’d suggest reconsidering your decision, as you’re currently shooting yourselves in the foot by not providing a path to green for players plagued by shortcomings created by you.


I agree half agree with this.

For single player or co-op, you’ll most likely have one or two player saves and the XP nerf made the game elongated and less of a quick-dash to 60. With lower XP you spend longer building your character and world up as you grow and level; which is very nice for single/co-op play.

For server players, PVE or PVP, you can’t trust that the server you’ve started playing is the same server you’ll be on in a couple days. You’re 100% correct, there may be exploiters or other dickheads that ruin the server for you personally, thus having to start again. Your points are valid there.

I think an increase in eploration XP would be nice but not to as much as it was. Else; all servers should have XP boosted whether funcom or another user runs them, whereas single/coop should not.

That’s just my opinion though.

while i agree that the nerf was very much a knee-jerk reaction because people already at 60 were complaining about it after taking full advantage of it themselves so as to keep lower levels around to raid, leveling really isn’t that slow in CE even with the nerf. just follow the journey steps till you get the one to build a base. Build a base in the desert somewhere, get yourself up to high end iron or steel recipes, then continue with the journey steps till you’re ready to move into the jungle or north, then build a base there, get to hardened steel, then continue the journey steps. You’ll be 60 in 2-3 days

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Actually i see new people on server and they get up to 26 in a single day, so there’s no real issue to level up with journeys, but it’s definitely harder to new players cause they don’t know how to do stuff required to complete those.

All the early access people who put up with wipes, and bugs out the wazoo, and helped test, offered suggestions, etc… their reward was being able to level up fast at the start of launch. I consider that a nice reward for their efforts.

YEAH is good reward, while they don’t play the jerk with you, I mean, they are lv 60 , you enter new at the server, they want to monopolize resources like iron , etc, and you will be in a hell, they have to add server traveling, cause now. If you are in a clan with all the members at cap level, you can do whatever you want to new players, they have no room to fight back. You need true god name, well priest are so hard to get, and in a lot of servers , big clans are near respawn point of them, so you get what you will face … for now servers are closed, I have no time to lv up as fast like them. So what can I do? I don’t mind some fight, I enter PvP for that, but one thing is fight and other bully,., so , I hope they rise up lv cap nearly. 80 or 90 will be fine, when they add new areas and god…


I already left the game due to POI nerf.

This is not a MMORPG, there is no need for it to be this grindy, it is just plain stupid that Funcom did this.

I hope they will fix it soon, otherwise game will die out.

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I’m sorry but the last thing they need to do is allow for 60’s to move off to different servers and still be 60 when they do it. I automatically assume when anyone suggests this that they’re being disingenuous about their motivations, because when ARK allowed this the griefing reached astronomical levels. At least right now people like that are contained to their servers or have to start from the bottom if they want to move and ruin the experience for others. Literally no one starting out wants this, and trying to mask it behind leveling threads isn’t very subtle.


inb4 they nerf journey XP

Funcom would certainly like new players, they have a good game and new players gets them more money to take it further. These new players will have no reason to complain about this issue. Them changing the XP back to what it was or increasing it will be coming from older and current players, they need to figure out whether the difference will actually attract more or keep existing owners playing for longer.

This is only such a big issue becasue of other issues. If there was less easy ways of ruining a server then there’d be less reason for people to swap so often, thus less reason for people want faster leveling.

Maybe, But if you have the bad luck to encounter those players ,… bad luck my boy, cause or you move to other server or you will not enjoy… .
I was in ark at beginning,…, when top lv players killed noobs only for fun… when they killed your Dino lv 15 only for fun… after that I quit that game… true I played alone… but… meh. There are no good solution, noob players need good luck to encounter a sane server…,

Honestly I don’t understand why people keep complaining about this. If you don’t have hours to play you don’t stand a chance on an active pvp server any ways. Leveling to 60 is really not that hard or long to do by just playing the game. If you want to be 60 in a single day rent a server and admin it or play single player.

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Seriously? In total it takes about 8h to become level 60. That might be to ling time for you but for me it’s to short. I really would like that you actually have to make some effort to become level 60.


I don’t get how people can leave over this. Even on a 1x server it takes one or two sessions to hit 60. After my server wipped I was 60 by hitting up the first 3 rows of journey, a few POI’s on the way to where my clan wanted to build and building a base.

Black Ice Reinforced Wood and Reinforced Stonebrick (tier 3) buildings make for a ton of exp. I went from 41-60 just building the foundation work for the base.

A solo player can still easily get 60 by getting Journey steps and PoI’s. But if this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back than the decision to leave is best. It helps you and the rest of the player base. I’m of the mind that two diametrically opposed mindsets ought not play together.

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One misses not a luxury unknown.

Not completely true!
Change your steamid, leave a neat message behind. Then it depends on wether its a server with stealing allowed and people putting some things outside/stations being accessible through a window or if you just toss the old toon away. Then select recreate character and you are good to go! Of course I would make sure said harrassing guy wont see your new steamid, then you might be safe. I think…

I wouldnt want to give up playing on a server just because of some bugged-brain-idiot.
And yes, I did exactly that. Well… someone convinced me to join on testlive like 2 or even 3 months ago? Thus I didnt play on said server anymore… but I did leave a message and took a few things with me, as I brought them into the clan. That idiot spammed me with fake accounts via steam though…

“worse than most modern MMO”?
I think leveling is fast enough and that most modern MMOs are too fast&easy in their leveling.
Though I didnt know Funcom nerfed leveling… Good to know.

I would like to ask for leveling and harvesting events instead of a permanent change.
That way people could probably be interested in playing that game for some time (not everyone will stick to such games for months, some might quit after a week) - using that, lots of people would start at the same time, resulting in something like a healthy population; healthy in terms of small numbers of new players against lots of capped players.
I am wondering about that all stats thing though. Is that actually working? Big dislike, if true.

“they have to add server traveling”
I think that would make those problems way worse.

Kinda off topic; but how can somebody attract so much attention that another player would expend that much effort into fobbing you off? I can understand baseless attacks, like racism and whatever phobia tickes the box, as you get that with any global pvp multiplayer game… but going out of your way to attack somebody on a different medium?? That’s somewhat impressive!

Anyway, we’ll just have to see whether this upcoming update with ‘500 changes’ makes a difference. We can argue our sides afterwards. :snake:

The biggest problem comes form the exploits and lack of interest to put control on the toxic players.
I don’t mind to spend a month (~120-150h of gameplay) in order to reach lvl 60 if I know it will be a good server and there will be a fun to play on it.

But the biggest disappointment comes when you put a lot of hours in the server only to find out that some of those toxic players just came in or they already dig in all glitched base points and wiping everything on their go by using yet another exploit or unintended game mechanics…

I don’t want to move to a 4th server and to spend another 150+ hours to face the same shi(gh)t again. I’m kind of done with the game instead.

It’s so sad that this game was a great idea, it’s way way better than anything in this genre, but it’s ruined by the lack of actions from the Funcom side.

Why the hell they have to invent the wheel again, instead of taking the best practices from older games. It took years for Ark to came into their “Code of Conduct - Hacking and Exploiting - Griefing - Misconduct” policies.

Why the hell we have to wait for that long to end at the same place? For some players it will be too late, as every 4th thread is that somebody is pissed off by all those toxic players and that Funcom don’t do anything against them.

Seriously Funcom, you don’t see that coming?

Fixes will not gonna work as there will be more and more exploits.

It’s so sad…

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I guess because they are a very small team (40 -50 ppl) moderation is simply not possible over 1000+ servers

I’m a lvl 60 gained 10 levels after nurf it’s not hard just have to know how. I spend my time helping new players build and level up so they don’t get discouraged.


It’s just an excuse. :wink:
They brag about 1,5 million copies of the game sold - do you with a report system they will need no more than 2-3 mods to take care.
Also most of the cases are caused by “groups” of players (I know about one of them being around 30-40members), and they “infect” at least 4 servers (20 guys in one, 4 in another…)
So just imagine that couple of them get warning for the first violation and couple of them get ban because or repeated violation…

Those 2-3 guys will have a lot of work first weeks, until the information on the banns is spread among toxic players.

Now the situation is out of control, those players know they are untouchable (they brag about it in the chats and says they know they are using exploits and don’t care because nothing gonna happen to them) and that’s why it looks that bad and like a huge investment.

There shoul’d be NO moderation except for the cases where it’s 100% proven it’s about exploiting. See ARK’s Code of Conduct - it’s so simple and they need 3 years to come with it.