Leveling tips from 50-60 pve?

besides asgard maybe? i still find it pretty hard and i think the exp is kinda low there.

thx in advance!

I just build explosive arrows… nothing wrong with having 1000 explosive arrows… and giving them to all your thralls.

… don’t judge me. (Joke):crazy_face:


Explosive arrows, jars, and even traps. mega boost to 60. But that is insta-level lol:)


hmm… iam at level 51 and crafted a jar. it maybe gabe me like 1/10 exp for the level. not more.

still have to try arrows. but dragonpowder is lots of work to farm :wink:

DP is consuming, but if you are on PVE, i would do the arrows tbh. As at least you can use them for star metal farming later. Explosive Jars are more PVP oriented.


Im not certain if it is still the case or not, but spamming Vaults used to grant a substantial amount. Other than that, being a PvE player Journey Step grant a descent exp boost.

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Crafting stone thrones from The Royal feat gives quite a lot of XP last I checked, and they recycle well. Just make sure you have a T4 crafter in the Artisan bench to reduce costs.


Take a trip through the Midnight Grove. Seriously.

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If you wanna kill stuff, the rocknoses in and around brimstone lake give pretty decent xp. I think I got 2 levels from killing them all when I was somewhere in the 50’s

You probably have your levels by now, but just in case someone else wonders i would add this:

As others said above, crafting tier 3 buildings is good but can be time consuming and tedious, Same goes for upgrading religious altars.
Oddly enough it’s true rocknoses give a decent amount of xp, even in mid/late game.

But personnally i prefer going hunting NAMED NPCS in the UNNAMED CITY. they give a LOT of XP , you can kill 3 of them in one go and their minions don’t give crap xp either.

Just be carefull that your thrall Don’t take the Killing blow :smiley:

It’s basically 1 free level every 3 runs or so + all the legendary kits you’ll get and let’s not forget all the cute T4 relic hunters you’ll put your hands on :smiley:

Get materials and craft vapor traps.
Each is 181Ä· exp. Simple as that

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