Exploiting Chest building for XP

Game mode: [Online Private]
Type of issue: [Exploit]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [North America]

XP from crafting chests seriously needs to be looked into. Players on our server are now exploiting spam crafting Large Chests to max out their level in no time. Our server goes to level 300 and players are maxing out their level by crafting 2500 Large Chests. This shouldn’t be a thing. We have EEWA mod in our server and players are able to reach level 300 and ascend - start back at zero - and reach level 300 again more than once a day. We don’t have XP set high at all. Can someone please check into this.

It is not because some players craft 2 500 chests to level up that we have to reduce chests xp!

Because after they will craft something else, and then you can reduce xp of everything to 0.

I am curious, what are your xp modifiers?

EDIT: Actually, nvm. I will test it on vanilla rates and report.

From level 20 to 60 on vanilla rates it took me 145 chests:
145 * 15 = 2,175 shaped wood * 10 = 21,750 wood
145 * 5 = 725 iron reinforcements * 2 = 1,450 iron bars * 2 = 2,900 iron ore

Tables still remain the more resource efficient way to power level. From level 14 to 60 on vanilla rates in took me 559 tables or:
559 * 4 = 2,236 shaped wood * 10 = 22,360 wood

Both methods are pretty quick to power level which is generally not a big issue in the vanilla game because you are capped at level 60.


Yeah lol. Just nerf it to the groud coz few peoples with 300lv mod have issues… LMAO

@glenjennings Just ask modder to make mod for you thah decreases xp from crafting some items, problem solved.

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Thanks for that calculation, didn’t know about that, yet chopping 22k trees is chore especially early game…

I wonder is there even more efficient way to do it, I met some people on private vanilla server, they claimed it took them 2 hours to hit 60 from zero.

The argument is moot. Funcom cannot be responsible for solving balance issues introduced by modders, this is not Funcom’s issue. And how much time and XP is gained obtaining all that material used to craft those tables and chests?


@Mefistos with high enough rates mining black ice is very quick too.

I’m on Xbox and yes it can take 2 hours to max out which is why my single players is set to 0.1 exp to make it better and I hit 16 in 30 minutes so yeah it’s easy

Set xp gain on 0.000000069. “Exploit” solved. I’m sure everyone on your server will be happy

The replies are funny. Obviously many players want to level up to 60 in one day. It does not appear Funcom has that same vision of the game. Otherwise they would not have nerfed palisade crafting XP. What’s equally funny, Funcom actually took the effort to nerf XP on palisade but didn’t bother reviewing other crafting XP. How much effort could that really take?

Ultimately, the vanilla game will have some reasonable rate of leveling. Solve for all the peeps who want it faster is simple. Set XP to 10x. Right?

They just nerfed trophy xp a few days ago.

You math are wrong, you did not include returning materials when said items are destroyed, every 10 chest you craft you can craft almost another 6 by destroying them. Calculated them already, large chest are the way to go. You also get 800exp per shaped wood crafted.

I didn’t bother factoring that part. Either way, if someone wants to power level by crafting they can. I personally prefer killing. The point was that this issue is not really an issue in the base game because most of us have levelled multiple chars by now and we want to get it done quickly. Some prefer crafting, some prefer killing, etc. It doesn’t matter because the real game starts at level 60.


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