Crafting vaults no longer provides any XP

It used to be that crafting vaults would provide XP for the character working to get leveled up. Like - whopper XP.

Now it doesn’t seem to grant any XP at all. :angry:

I will grant that the whopper amount of XP that these provided in the past definitely needed a bit of evaluation. However - now crafting them appears to be worth nothing (or next to nothing - could not see my XP bar move at all).

Is this nerfed as intended? Or, is this somehow a bug where the value was removed, but never put back in at a more balanced XP amount?

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Probably. Every change these days seem to be targeted at making the game harder and less enjoyable, particularly for new players. What the logic behind this is escapes me though.

Hey there,

As we have mentioned before, we are aware of an issue that prevents XP being awarded while crafting, specially buildables. You can check our Trello board and vote for this issue to be prioritized by our team if you want :slight_smile:


There are hundreds of items that got thrown a value of 0 CraftXP in the data table for it. I don’t think this was intentional at all. Like Sandstone, tier 1 foundations still reward exp, but 0 for anything higher then tier 1. But it’s not even all sandstone that is fine, like there is a bunch of tier 1 building pieces that got thrown a 0. Another example, awnings, several types of awning still have exp, while 4 others don’t. I didn’t look at the entire table, I just kinda scrolled through and was like, this is really freaken random.

There’s no rhyme or reason, no pattern, on the data table to suggest this was intentional. Something else behind the scenes, an automated system of some sort, had to have thrown 0 out’s for it to be this random.

Oddly enough I’m comforted by the randomness of it all, because it suggests it wasn’t on purpose. I’m a little paranoid after several detrimental changes in row turned out to be intentional, I guess (in some cases they were officially labelled bugs for a while, too, so… it’s hard to be sure about anything).

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