Official PVE-C 1942 craft no XP

I have tried killing myself, going out of render, crafting everything damn near and found I gain 0 experience on server 1942. I’ve found 6 others that report the same issue, which kills the leveling portion since I just made a t3 stone wall around my bad e which is t3 stone… Need assistance.

No experience points from crafting tier three (and possibly tier two) has been a problem since the 10th December patch. Funcom has worked on a fix for it and is testing it amongst other things in the current test live version.
Sadly they didn’t implement the fix in the live platforms asap but has bundled it into the other building changes they need to test.

I think people are recommending a killing spree for exp gain whilst the crafting exp is broken.

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Thanks for your feedback. Not gaining XP from crafting is a known issue and we have fixed it on Testlive. Once we have finished testing it and fixing any issues that our community reported, it will be rolled out live on all platforms. No estimated time yet, but expect two to three weeks.

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