Gaining XP building

Game mode: Any (Online official | Online private | Single-player)]
Type of issue: [ Bug building xp
Server type: [All types PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE]
Region: [USA]

[The game does not give you XP when you craft anything. You used to be able to gain XP from everything youy did and building T3 structures was a big part of your XP gain to level 60. In the last few weeks this has been bugged and you don gain anything for building.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Gather MATS for building supplies
  2. Craft a building piece
  3. Look at XP to see if you gain anything
  4. T3 building piece used to give you I huge chunk of XP 35k at building max lvl foundations.

They already fixed this in the Testlive patch(not released yet).


I thought it felt like I was levelling slow. I spent 70 hours in game most of that building and I’m just level 40 having completed the first 6 chapters of the journey and most of the 7th. Granted I literally have just been building and thrall collecting minus a trip to the dregs but still I figured I thought it weird I was that far in and just now able to build armor for the cold.

Hope the push the Testlive fixes soon. This bug has ruined the game and Funcom have not bothered to fix it for around 2 months now. Any MMO where they have bugs that stop you getting EXP should be addressed immediatly, not waiting a few months . . .

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As i agree it is annoying, it is more than likely not a very simple “switch” to implement. Code is funny that way, so something got out of whack. They have fixed it, along with a rebalance of EXP for everything. I am sure they would love to have had the fix done 100% and on live, but it has to be fixed/confirmed (see last hotfix…) before they want it out there on live. If you are trying to level quickly, all i can say is kill everything in site that is NPC. On officials, it is still a pretty easy EXP farm to level 60.

Dude in mid 2017 there was a bug that basically prevented you from getting thralls and it took almost 4 months before they fixed. And that was a bug they knew about and fixed previously but apparently forgot how to fix. Funcom is not fast and do things on their own terms rather than the player bases.

The sad part is the game is highly addictive and when it is good it is very very good. It is just i don’t know if the game has ever existed in a form without some form of inconstantly occurring major game breaking bug.

Now this isn’t as bad as the harvesting bug, but I’m dealing with both right now in a single player game.

I’d prefer not to download a second client and then copy files.

I am not sure why they do not implement the fix now and not in test live. you would with all of the major bugs they have and all of the hot fixes they have to do that they would just fix and reboot. I am more the accustomed to getting kicked and having to wait a while to get back online.

Yeah, I remember that bug when thralls kept falling through the floor when being dragged around. The differance between then and now is back then, the game was in early access, so bugs were expected since they were still developing the game (and from what I remember, they had to remap the whole map to fix that problem, so thats a pretty big fix).
Now that the game is live, major bugs such as “Cannot earn EXP” should be addressed quickly, especially since it was over the Xmas break when most people would be wanting to play/try the game the most.

yep that bug existed in early access was fixed. the game then launched they did a patch and it came back for a lot of people and they took months to fix it on live. The patch that broke that also caused crafting stations and doors to just disappear. I lost several wells, and 3 named thalls would have their progress reset in a large wheel of pain when I loaded in. That was in June a month after launch.

In single player one of the Thrall camps still doesn’t spawn when I load my game. that bug has existed since early access and has never been fixed. likely because no one complains about it (there are three chests and 7 iron nodes around the camp so it is free stuff.)

The big issue with Funcom is doing “super patches” putting them on Testlive for 4-8 weeks and just saying too bad so sad to anyone playing on live. Then putting that patch on live only to find out not enough people played on test live to discover that there is a bug that was fixed 6 months ago that was reintroduced.

Right now there are at least work around’s with Mods like a bethesda game but it is frustrating. I’m mostly venting don’t get me wrong but you’d think a XP bug and a bug that prevents you from Damaging spiders or harvesting bodies would be something they say hey you know what lets fix this in live right away rather than waiting to see how much a huge patch broke. I’m funny that way.

Empty camps in single player, I usually can get them to spawn by warping across the map and coming right back. As far as I’m aware, this only affects single player and not server play.

yep… and you just need to leave the grid and come back… but it is a bug that has existed for almost 2 years at least. It may not be a huge issue but it isn’t even one that is looked at.

The point is the number of long term bugs that are still around, that keep coming back and the fact that they are left to continue on live waiting for the 4-8+ week testlive cycle only to have the big patches go live discover they do actually break something and have to wait for 4-8 weeks for a new big patch rather than ones the fix the bugs introduced or reintroduced more quickly.

Hey there,
As pointed above, we already fixed this issue (and reworked the crafting rewards mechanics) in our Testlive patch, which we aim to release by the end of January, start of February.

Thanks for your feedback.