T3 building exp

When logging on there was a message about it being patched…I don’t think it worked. I play solo so it’s not that big of a deal. I just didn’t see a post about it thought it should be. It’s really weird that making shaped wood has given normal exp this entire time…but nothing else I know of does anything significant to the exp. (insofar as crafting is concerned)

(I play solo so I could change the exp of things, the only thing I’m cool with changing is the harvest ratings) I don’t know why, it’s just what I do. If it’s known, or the patch message was wrong feel free to delete this post. (apologies in advance)

It’s not supposed to be fixed yet, as far as I know, not on Live anyway? I think there was something about rebalancing crafting xp in general, but I can’t remember. I am mostly in maintenance mode these days (too many features are broken on official servers currently), so I don’t follow the news as closely as I used to.

Not sure what message you received, but crafting exp hasn’t been fixed but is fixed on testlive.

It was the steam message I received on login. Usually I just log in. (I was cooking so didn’t notice if there was a download or not…but the only time I get a “play now” or “see patch” is if there is a download. I checked out the patch and that is what it claimed. /shrug

Edit: I can’t find it…I was playing yesterday, and everyday previous (post x-mas) and never saw it. I’m looking through steam now but nada. Apologies for the post. I apparently saw the 12/22 post as if it had occurred today when logging in. I blame steam

Hey there,

As @Multigun pointed out, we fixed this issue in our Testlive branch. You can check it out, along a ton other fixes and additions, on this thread:

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