No XP from building T3 pieces

Is there a recent update that doesn’t allow people to gain XP from building? I have a friend who I’ve collected a large number of materials to build T3 pieces and has been unable to get XP 3 days in row now. Yes we know about the hot bar issue where using a hot bar renders no XP however her has tried now with every type of T3 piece(aqualonion, frontier, standard t3 etc) and has had no luck. If anyone has any tips or tricks it would be greatly appreciated.

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Johnny, unfortunately it exists as a result of an earlier update and no one has talked about a workaround.

Fortunately, a fix is in development as noted on the Trello tracking board.

If you want to browse through what they are working on, eliminate the filter where it says ‘1 search result’.

Good luck, and have them put the crafting on the back burner and enjoy the rest of the game :slight_smile:


Hey there,

This is a known issue and it has been fixed in our current Testlive patch. You can see this and other fixes and additions in this thread:

We don’t have any estimates on how long it’s going to take for these changes to be implemented in the live build, but expect two to three weeks.

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