Is leveling up on ps4 broken

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Performance
Region: us
I recently beat the game restarted an I’ve noticed I get ten points of xp about every min but killing enemy’s or crafting gives me no xp nether dies discovering places I only get xp for being alive is anyone else having this happening or know how I can fix it

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I think its every 20-30 seconds you get 10xp.

You don’t get xp for crafting basic stuff not sure if this is a bug or been nerfed.

You get a small amount of XP for killing starter zone Thralls.

For early XP farming, try killings crocks and other animals at the start. Completing Journy steps awards nearly half a level of XP. Discovering new locations was nerfed but could be broken as well.

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Thank u I’ve managed to hit lvl 53 but I can’t craft anything an get xp I started 100 t3 foundation pieces an it rewards nothing for them I’ve checked my xp killed world bosses no improvement other than the cost gained from being alive lol tonight I’m just gonna raid camps see if that helps at all

Talking to my wife earlier wiped the server Monday she thought she was leveling slow but we aren’t Official server.

I’m on official I wanted to see what happen when u beat it answer not much lmao I just can’t find a fast way to lvl I’m 53 now like just got 53 an I’ve been playing 2 to 3 hrs every bit fir the an a half weeks I’ve done almost all of my journey steps finding locations gives no comment at all neither does crafting any thing a world map a vault nothing

The bug that crafting t3 gives No exp points is still on all platforms of the live game.
Funcom decided that the fix for this will come when the next test live build is ready for rollout on the live servers. (Personally I do not like this decision but it’s what they decided to do).


Thanks for all the help I don’t mind grinding the game to hit 60 just feel bad I keep having to ask my wife to repair all my star metal tools an not being able to make an epic armor or even open a chest with the world boss keys kinda sucks lol ah no worries anything worth doing Is worth doing the hard I suppose thanks again

Hey we lucky we have our wives to do these things for us. Been playing at level 60 for so long. Starting over is strange with a large dose of dying over and over.

That’s the truth lol I setup a wheel of pain outside mounds of the dead last nite went in with a mind set of if its not a named thrall it dies wiped all of the mounds twice got a lvl dot hats at least working pretty well I’m right at about to b54 an I got two named fighters from it so I guess I’m doing that now

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