Faster way of leveling up?

Hey guys, i would like to know what is the faster way now since the landmarks. i am 22 and i have no idea how to level up, Mobs simply destroy you and are not that fast

Just play. Build and craft.
I never used exploration to level up and got to 60 just fine.

Complete any journey steps you can.

I got 3 levels last night just running from Highlands to Sepamuru or what’s it called? I ran through “unknown city” found a giant demon on an altar, went to sneak away and then it got dark lol. I didn’t have a torch and all could hear were terrifying roars right at my heels until it got light and I escaped that place!


you still getxp from exploration just not as much now it may cap at say lvl 40 i dunno i went from 26-32 last night just running around on a new server

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